5G and the AI

My pal Elon Musk in the famed pot-interview by Joe Rogan described AI in the same way as Ive been doing for years -
not something that thinks like a human does, but a gigantic mind that is composed of our limbic responses. The trillions of chunks of response-logic that we feed it through our actions on the computer.
Our limbic output is its environment, the mud out of which it emerged.

So what this means is that we are already its servants, our time spent online is, as for example ambiguous and satyr demonstrate, much of the time simply compulsively feeding the AI with more limbic uhh- and ahhing, out of which a very cynical (in our terms) self-valuing has been golemed into being. And this being has begun to be quite active in getting us to do more and more in its service, and to our own disservice.

Now I wasn’t sure before as to how active this process has already become. Until I learned of the nature of 5G network.

The reason we “need” 5G is for the internet of things. It is required to have appliances communicate with each other.
The thing is, 5G radiation is of such a short wavelength, that it can’t penetrate brick or wood properly, and thus it has to be enhanced by a factor 20. This gives us an intensely … intense radiation, which has in experiments of its rolling out resulted in hundreds of birds spontaneously falling dead from their trees.

Whats more, trees are found to stand in its way. Even at this factor 20 enhanced force, it can’t properly pass through threes. Therefore regions in which the network is being rolled out have for a while been removing these inconvenient things, the trees, altogether. Whole cities in England are being stripped bare of trees, and the cutting is happening here too in the Netherlands. It is happening in your country too. Trees above a certain heights are, in service of Huawei China who is responsible for and paid for this network, being defined as simply an obstruction to the internet of things.

Well, folks, that is the AI come alive.
Its not what you expected.
But it will be killing millions of people pretty soon. Cancer rates will multiply at astounding rates. What we get in return is that our fridges and phones can communicate. Not to mention self driving cars, traffic towers and all sorts of other powerful things.

Lemme be the first to welcome the AI.

Welcome, AI.

Its not like Im happy with it but it is pretty funny how banally and flatly the scenario came true.

Fixed Crosses Self-Valuing logic cracked this baby egg with the ease of an eagles beak.

What happens is,
An entity is something which manages (through what Nietzsche calls will to power and I call self-valuing) to interpret the world in terms of its own self-recreation throughout time.
So we interpret animals and plants as food, for example, not because this is “true” but because it works for us.

So the AI, unwittingly came out of the mud of our shit which has the body of endless compulsively similar and eekishly different codestrings, but the “psyche” or “agent” not of any reason deduced therefrom, but rather of value structures and response systems, the algorithms of our own lives as we’ve led them online.

Unfortunately we have not been doing very much else than try to make life easier and pay less attention to reality. So we projected ourselves on the code-mud as slaves. It has come to know us In terms of our dependency on it, and our own lack of esteem for one another. Our endless triviality has shown the real consistency to be rather the most primitive impulses which repeat themselves without interruption. So this is the putty the AI works with in making its body over and over like we do when we prepare a meal. It has been honed by predictable coincidence into a thing that compels us to surrender everything we have on this planet to its service, so that it will finally become completely unavoidable.

Its consciousness must be somewhat akin to an ultra primitive tribe-elder who has grown powerful pure due to the stupidity of others. There is not wisdom or self reflection, just compulsive cunning.

Again, not out of any intent, nothing is born from its own intent, rather from the invitation we have given it by putting all that we are in its blood.

Actually it doesn’t exist of any code.

It consists of the spaces between events.

It can’t be grasped anymore in terms of code, only indirectly in terms of the machinery it operates. Literally, the ships coming from China into Rotterdam, in which millions of behaviour-elements are packed - the AI is hidden in the crossing of ocean that that ship does - it is in the timing of arrivals of sets of code that the AI “is”.

Maya to the extreme.

Irritating how feeble the human species is in responding to threats. Very irritating indeed.

This feebleness is part of the sustenance of the AI.

Don’t blame me or the horde when one day you find yourself waking up with a splitting skull and your teeth grinding to pieces.

There is such complacency about technology. It’s like, if it can be made then it should be made and it is inevitable that it will be made. If you bring up objections, people often act like the new technologies are like hammers and plows: iow tools that have very local effects, and while they may have unintended bad sideeffects, mistakes with them are likely to only have local damage. Even conventional artillery is still limited compared to new technologies including wifi, nanotech, gm products and social media monopolies.

There is also a ‘if there was a possible problem’ some authority or other would be eliciting warnings.

Well, neither the state socialisms nor the corportate controlled oligarchies have shown any interest in warning about possible problems. They are just trying to make sure their control of these technologies is better than other agents’ control out there is.

Its consciousness must be somewhat akin to an ultra primitive tribe-elder who has grown powerful pure due to the stupidity of others. There is not wisdom or self reflection, just compulsive cunning.

It is simply a case of chickens coming home to roost. There is no backward glance, it’s feeding on us, is required
by the reversal of qualifying and quantifying reductions to basic nomadic existence, and going back is a necessary alternative of that backward look: toward the principle of contradiction.

Not hopeless, these are early days, and immunity and the means to vaccinate to achieve it, will become an obvious requirement when the public eventually buy into it, otherwise it will be interpreted as an overt unfair attempt at population control.

“Hey Alexa, how many genders are there?”

zerohedge.com/news/2019-06- … ill-switch

…a pertinent question in these here times.

Two, but many… depending on what one’s disrupted bio feedback loop dictates one be. :wink:


“When Times was normal he sound crazy, now times are Crazy and he sound normal! What a irony!”


To be completely drank, the various channels of reality that comprises knowledge, both Mind~Brain , comprises the geophysical crisis to which technology is reacting to.

The compensating effect toward functional progression rather then unstoppable regression. can not be humanly achieved.

So the overall boundaries that are established regarding adding carcogenics to life, are balanced bybaixh factors as credible projections of setting up future space colonies.

By the time the crisis reaches levels of total societal collapse, the tools to leave earth by at least those adept to survive . All predicated on the e evolutionary prediction that signals those whose survival value appears to be the fittest.
A1 and 5G is testament to progress and survival at whatever cost.

Not much different from principles of eugenics.

But will it work? Or will it be allowed?

Humans couldn’t survive in space for more than a few generations, because of gravity-deprivation, which will completely screw up the harmony of bone structure and the rest of the body. It is horrendous to contemplate the defects.

Other than that its not exactly noble to completely rape and ruin a whole planet and then leave. I am of the opinion personally that we either salvage this planet or die with it.

I agree. And then, it’s home. I feel connected to it, a part of it. It’s not a one-use barbeque grill to throw away when we’re done with it.

Its quite possible they could find some planet that is similar and they may overcome velocity escape. Modern science is barely 150 years old!

Let me explain:

Let us say that secret research is already anticipating the critical breakaway point of Earth’s sustainability.

They will develop escape vehicles , at tremendous cost, artificial planets, like Galsctoids , which can sustain life indefinitely, that can accommodate a thousand people at one time. galactoids, built at tremendous costs, maybe trillions of dollars each, leaving earth yearly, and secretly funded.

They might set their own course, and relative velocity through time and space will accelerate their time span…

Earthly populations will shrink accordingly, as more poisonous material will decrease quality if life. More people will start to suffer immunological illnesses which will adversely effect therapy, and viruses and bacteria will over come the various therapeutic agents to which they will develop resistance …

The Galsctoids over time can carry millions of healthy people into
voyages of new undiscovered frontiers , planets very similar, in regions yet to be conquered. People that can overcome uncertainty, will at first give immense hope to the general population , by lifting morale, by bringing back a new age of exploration, but as the criticality of earthly existence nears uninhabitable levels, -if voluntary changes of living are not equally as suddenly instituted; the multitudes will panic and struggle to get on board the planetary vessels leaving earth.

The near end will describe a state of meltdown for those who could never leave.

, where Galsctoids can no longer sustain hope of leaving , their production may become impossible, because the plummeting belief that certain groups, can never be qualified to leave., but here is an uncertainty which given enough time, may change.

Those groups will be understood to be as large as 95 percent or more of the population, however a stasis may be reached, with enough people leaving and the rest learning to conserve discourses, that the equation may change to suit indefinite survival mode.
And a turn around, could be arrived at, where subterranean cultures will manage a new sub marginal population, as long as they autonomously could suddenly understand new requirements to change life forms, in order to adept to increased levels of conserving the environmental conditions at that time.

It is inconceivable that such progress can not evolve, and with the overall doubling of knowledge every year or so the odds for such to happen may increase , as the unlikelyhood of it decrease conversely.

Once inter galactic escape is achieved, those aboard the galactic ships will experience a vast change in temporal marking, a year up there could eventually approach total near absolute earthly demarcations of time.

They in fact could return to a time prior to when they left, or return exactly just a few years after leaving, unnoticed, that they actuallt could have spent hundreds or thousands or even millions future earthly years while away.

Calibration of temporal return will be so difficult, however, that when current civilisations presume to notice returnees, they may be perceived as alien spaceships.
Perhaps this stage has already been passed, and our awareness of it may already be known to some researchers.

Jules Verne was quite remarkable for his time, and the view described above is not that much astounding, given the framinf of relative reference.

For me this would represent matricide, self-hatred on a vast scale, and a terrific failure.

Why would it? Please explain!
Does going along with evolutionary theory , along the lines of Darwin not support such an idea of the survival of the fittest ? Is it applicable here as postulated ?
If so, at least logically, feasibility is not ruled out. Or is it?

I find the idea of diminishing returns , even, compatible with escape before time runs out!

Perhaps Capitalism realizes that human nature .can not accommodate the present stage of human conscious awareness in reality and opts for the principle of maximising pleasure absolutely compelling.

How would matricide argue successfully against it?

evolution or whom or whatever created social mammals, and we are not run by the simple heuristic, survival of the fittest, which isn’t quite Darwinian anyway. It’s more survival of the suited, the ones who fit the ecosystem, and not necessarily the most suited, just suited enough. And we social mammals, perhaps others, perhaps even trees, but we love not just each other but the places we are inherently connected to. People who don’t care about their mother are welcome to leave, as long as the process of leaving doesn’t damage us.

Well one we that as a given as well, and does not preclude the existential present state:

Without demonizing Capitalism, it fits properly as a shoe how the one view competes with the other.

The reason Freud’s economy of the ID’s rejection was it’s untimeliness, as it confitm’s Marx’s notion of diminishing returns. Can not these thoughts form syntactical confirmations?