A bee and some titles

A bee
Crown flash with diamonds and crowns appear in all chaos. Magnates and toryisms like bees are all true for royalists in two hands but each hand has a separate life. You give me money and political might then I return you with a giggle and I laugh with you foolishly. Choice for royal troop is the marriages and the choices of wisdoms are the courts. Bloodcurdling shriek of wolves in crescent and the glove in hand are two fines. I wish for moneys and titles if I am a British.
Taste the sweet chocolates with her soft lips but no to comfort by cool rains that knead her pinky chins so that she was drag out of coffins that never swallow by trouble waters. She needs all arbitrators to sue the poor and never to hum salivates for poor s mouth.
Beautiful sparrows are proud to be her suppers for donating her with all energies. All beautiful parrot s tongues are proverbial foods for her snacks. Ten time magnifications for Queen s stones with pigeons eyes for warm benefit treatments. Shoulders are cold for common peoples but tongues are rich reaching out for cloacas of wonder men.
Never shiver in cold winds or shrug for suits by their own hands. Only a few words will transform some skyscrapers but words are always tricky. Rightness force patriotisms to loss their faces or combine them with dusts and tombs. A single truth or a cent ceases the breath of a nice lung.
Evil flowers and buds are suppers and good tasted artichokes. Brass and chars will divert you through bridge arch as materials are recycled. Although diamonds are priceless but the mud from earth s interiors, they are sometimes analog to the souls that you promise to step on for some one you denounce with bashful manners.
Slim milk in gallons washes your clean bodies with the essence of sun and moon. Common peoples count their coins in the dim lamp under your blue moons. Halo of the moon are so sanctimonious as not to give poor people a month ticket. In the eclipse of moons your powerful scepter stops all wolves for howling before all might.
They buy wonderful race horse with petty moneys of their own while people lost their life for heavy stakes. Splendid shelters for all continuous heavy rains. Fog-lamp stand upright surround their swimming pools flowing with crystal water which collected from planets. Poor are so thirsty for a cup of milk or orange drinks
All goddess of many auspicious signs go around her courts or palaces like wooden creatures from merry go around. They are marquises or noble peoples and at least they have some very nice titles. A wish of mind is to confer a noble title before I am starved. Powerful men are invited to go behind my donkey to draw its hairs for me. I need their political might and I miss the figures of the Queen print in papers. In my nightmare I think about to explore the hells getting off the panegyric of fires from heavens.
Kiss the whips of all my nemesis and revolt to prefer some convulsions because of little justices. My hope for my meaning of life is to bender in back or mouth which is whips or justices. Every bee has one pin.

By cheung shun sang