A Bizarro Toy review.

So just got new Mattel DC Superheros Bizarro and now I going to give you a Review of this action figure.

So Mattel made these in response to very poplar Marvel legends toy line done by ToyBiz.
This the first one of the DC figure I saw that I knew that I want besides Supergirl whom I did not see any Supergirl at the Walmart. Now about the toy itself It has great articulation and looks very cool. If your a fan of Bizarro or a Superman fan you should get some of these new toys.
The colors of the action figure are take directly from the comic book. Also the Knee joints and arm joints are well placed and it has foot and chest joint for great deal of pose -ability .In addition he can do the Superman flying pose. Which is great for fight your other DC toys if you have them. His skin is corpse like and creepy. The holes in the cape give that evil doppleganger of Superman feel. This toy is a perfect match for the Marvel Legends toy-line and could the best DC toy-line even if Mattel could get a large amount of the DC toy license . Bizarro Accessory is a tire with part of the axle intact this is well made and it looks just like it torn off some poor bystander car in a fight between Bizarro and his best pal Superman. That a little Bizarro speak for all you reading this. I was thinking of trying to do the whole review in Bizarro speak. But it was to much work. As well this is a great toy for anyone over the age of seven. I say this because it has small parts. This Bizarro makes the other three Bizarro toys look poor and cheaply made. Mattel has really out done themselves on this Four Horsemen Sculpted toy. Is not just a toy for all ages but a work of art.

Here Is a picture of Bizarro from Toy News International because I can not post my Bizarro Image.

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