A Call To Men

If it weren’t for organizations such as, A Call To Men (http://www.acalltomen.org/about-us/our-vision/), I’d be forced to reveal more of the degeneracy of men such as the slew of men in Kenya who are raping grannies so they won’t contract AIDS (already raped all the younger females and infected them it seems), but the men at A Call To Men are trying to promote healthy relations between the sexes rather than sites like, Return Of Kings (http://www.returnofkings.com/) that expose how verily twisted the male agenda is.

:evilfun: If anyone’s interested, let’s discuss.

I read the principles. It says women have no entity except as being property of men.
This call to men is a hidden islamic statement, that women have no power to protect themselves, and thus should not be taught to live on their own accord.

It tells us there will only be hope for men if men realize their gender is a brutal oppression machine. Perfectly hellish.

Women will, as long as they think this sort of initiative is to their honor or even benefit, be property of men, mostly of men who are just dying to see women take their life into their own hands.

But thats apparently very offensive to a certain type of woman - the feminist - and perhaps we should begin to give up on the idea that they ever will want to be self-responsible.

Feminism is merely the erosion of female responsibility, the destruction of the virtues of the female, the war against children.

As long as the idea is alive that men can be “improved” by addressing their species as a whole, and in derogatory terms, as a mistake, addressing boys who have never harmed a woman, who have perhaps been severely abused by women (mothers and aunts are the number one abusers- they get away with everything after all) as criminals simply for having a penis, womankind has a lot of work to do on herself.

From a male’s perspective, what are female responsibilities and to who do they pertain? Again, please describe these virtues of the female? How are women waging war on children?

Awaiting your answers.

Men are too flawed to be redeemed, but if men believe that they can curb the violence of other men, I won’t stop them from trying…duh.

I agree that womankind has much work to do…far away from the dark influence of men.

Men are the movers and shakers of this world, they set the trends, do everything good and evil under the sun, while women merely tag along.
Even feminism is a male invention.
We’re more likely to kill and rape you but also more likely to save you from another man, or a natural catastrophe, or yourself.
Most doctors, firemen, paramedics, policemen, rescue workers and soldiers are men.
We invented bombs and bullets on the one hand and vaccines and life saving antibiotics and drugs on the other.
We’re both more likely to erect and revolt against a tyrannical government.

Men take risks, we’re at the forefront of change, both positive and negative, and so we get all the blame, bear all the responsibility when things go awry, but we also receive the majority of the praise when they work out, where as women are, and forever will be in the background, in the shadows of men.
They are the spectators in the drama of life, in action and in thought.
It is easy to cast blame and criticism from the sidelines, but where is the society, philosophy, science and technology women built?
We’re all still waiting around for that, but in the meantime, by all means go on hating men, we have thick skin and a strong jaw, we can take it.

Thank you for pointing out the high horse of man, one’s friend and one’s enemy all contained in one being. Thanks, but I’ll pass on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Women are inching towards their goodbyes to Jekyll and Hyde and I believe they’ll make a clean break eventually if men don’t blow us all to kingdom come in the meantime.

It’s not hate…it’s pity for and fear of a rabid, wild animal.

Most women, most of the time can’t go their own way for very long, their agency merely consists in which man and men they get behind to lead them to Valhalla, Hades or Purgatory.
Women are merely complicit in the good and evil men do, rarely are they incomplicit, but go right ahead…see how far you get.

It’s men who go their own way, as both hermits on the one hand, or leaders on the other, it’s not really in women’s nature to stray very far from both men, and the tribe, in thought, word or deed, unless it’s quickly towards other men, and another tribe.

It’s men who got us into this capitalist, consumerist mess, and men who’ll get us out…hopefully.

Thanks for the encouragement, tongue in cheek as to be expected. I have never wanted to lead women towards autonomy and independence where they trust their own judgement and take those risks to succeed without paying any heed to oppression, but I have to tell you that your encouragement goes a long way. In my youth, I was once a great leader, the idea person who made everything happen, not unlike a man, however I sidelined no one, but I’m not adverse to giving men their due rest. Taking over an abandoned town might be possible in the future. Food for thought.

I have always been physically protective over other women and perhaps its time to offer other forms of aid. I’ll look into what I can do for this, physically saving women and their souls, is a worthy cause if there ever was one.

No men are allowed to live full-time in the town. :astonished:

Men are more likely to take risks, and sometimes it’s necessary to take risks, but when it isn’t, than this virtue can quickly become a vice with disastrous consequences.
We saw this during ww1 and 2, we’re seeing it in the current rat race to the top, to see who can outdo everyone in being the biggest, fattest consumer, in helping to eradicate nature the most efficiently, and in plucking the strings of HAARP, meddling with GMOs, and smashing atoms at CERN, and we might see it again one, last time during WW3.

Perhaps we do need more feminine energy and leadership in the world, but what is feminism, really?
Is it females bringing their unique psychologies, perspectives and values to the forefront of society and culture, or has it hitherto consisted of women attempting to ape men?
I’d say it’s much more a case of the latter, and so feminism has been nothing but a much more internal and insidious attempt to marginalize women, to obliterate, rather than subjugate their femininity.
Ironically feminism hasn’t brought more femininity to the world, yea, females have more freedom and independence, but at the cost of who they are, their uniqueness, their identity.

So if you really want to do away with masculinity and men, you must create alternative values to their values and fight for them, propagate them among womankind/society at large, and perhaps a few women have attempted to do just that, but far more have just opted to spay themselves, to outmen, men, to make more money, to have more material possessions and so forth.
So when is the real feminist revolution going to begin?

It’s a process, one of them womanly systems. Men have fucked over existence for over 10,000 years, I’m giving women at least 1,000 years to get it together, for sanity’s sake let’s say. You wrote it yourself, men started feminism…to their own chagrin it seems. I haven’t heard of a female leader yet who has a plan, she may be out there, I’ll check into that too. Feminism got laws that mattered changed, but now the women don’t understand why they are still dissatisfied, they don’t understand the insidious nature of man’s ideal, but they feel it and fear it.

Just as it is unhealthy for a man to ask of a woman to make him whole, so the reverse is the case.
Women seem perfectly unaware the hell at least thirty percent of men grow up in and live through due to the callousness of women.

A long road ahead.

Well I say go for it.
I have no faith in our society and would love to see more challenges to its reign coming from all angles.
If you can’t find any other women out there who have the tits to start what you propose, than why not do it yourself?
Be the change you want to see.
Start by distancing yourself from men’s conception of both femininity, and masculinity.
Examine yourself and other women deeply.
Create your own definition of femininity according to these examinations, as well as the directions you’d like to see it developed.
Create your own values, and propagate them among womankind or society at large.
Hey I’d love to see some amazonian society come to fruition to challenge ours, so long as it’s not hostile or fearful of men to the point where it insists on enslaving or wiping them out, I’m all for it.
I want to see what a society based primarily or solely on feminine leadership looks like.

You could live on your own in agricultural communes, without men, and artificially inseminate yourselves, or periodically take male lovers during the spring, and send them packing by the fall.
You could abort your male babies, or give them up for adoption to urban women.
It’d be an interesting sociosexual experiment at least.

Or you could keep men around, but only as second class citizens without the right to vote or govern.

^^ if women were to survive, they would have to do the same things as men do to survive. not all of it tho, just the stuff you need to do to survive.

2 op
Sounds like men trying to survive and shag, the problem is not having or using protection. I don’t know why people in richer nations don’t have the same problem, its not like we play totally safe [e.g. if you are with someone for a month or so, you might stop using condoms]. perhaps not having much shizzle to loose, means you take further risks to get the free joys of the world, namely sex.

thing is, is survival is like sport, women are going to loose! :angry-argument: :evilfun: :astonished:

Amor wrote

Survival is not a sport to women but it is a sport to men.

Joker would love to be an Amazonian tribe’s sex slave (“in another life,” he says, “I’m taken.” :romance-heartbeating: )

So have you enjoyed stirring the pot? :mrgreen:

There’s plenty of guys out there who’re renters, they’ll never own very much of anything, but many are decent, they don’t drink too much or beat their women.
They can fix things, cars or computers, and put food on the table, for themselves, their women and children if they have any, but forget about trips to Hawaii, fine dining or expensive clothes and jewelry.
But are these the men 98% of women want to shack up with?
If they have to, on their way to meeting ‘Mr Right’, AKA ‘Prince charming’, AKA wealthy, powerful business executive.
Women were always attracted to men with power and status.
Centuries ago it was nobility, further back it was warlords and kings, and now it’s men like Donald Trump, and this is what I mean by women being complicit in the evil men do.
Women are often just as greedy and power mad as men, but they don’t have to do all the dirty work of buying and selling, hiring and firing, wheeling and dealing, pillaging and plundering, imperialism, genocide, you name it, what they’ve done for millennia and what they still by and large to do this day is sell themselves, their souls, if they ever had any, to the men that do, which makes them just as guilty in a round about way.
Behind every good man was a good woman, and behind every tyrant, a malevolent harpy.
Where were the women protesting all the wars, or the millions of jobs shipped overseas?
The answer: they were at home, reaping the benefits.

When you feel your own power you don’t need someone elses. That you can take to the bank. Women who felt their own strengths without any masks or crutches would make me very happy.