A Collection Of My Original Physical Art

Green One


Here’s the first one.
[edit]Replaced older crappy phone camera picture.

“Green One”



This was fun.
I haven’t painted in at roughly 15 years.

I love the colors. Is this supposed to symbolize something? The dragon can just go and hide herself in there…like a wonderful green cave. How deep does that cave get? That is really so pretty. You can see a few people there…a mother and child, a man looking to get in, a little horsie, a bat, a fallen angel with half a wing, someone caught within a crevice…at least so far. Hopefully they cannot find the entrance to my cave. :laughing: :banana-dance:

With my original pieces, I prefer not to elaborate on my perspectives.
Doing so augments other people’s perspectives.

This is next level material.

Thank you very much.

What does that mean? As in meditation, where the pebble drops down through the pool?

Well, I can certainly understand that. It’s like interpreting poetry, in a way. We all see different perspectives. Art speaks to us.

When you painted this though, were your brush strokes deliberate, did you have a particular vision of what it would look like, or did you simply do random strokes wherein it created itself? Either way, it is really beautiful stumpy.

It sort of reminds me that everything physical (and non-material too) which we look at, or so much of what appears to be, may really be nothing of the way in which it truly is if our brains were evolved enough to see clearly what is there. But this is where wonderful intuition and imagination take over. :angelic-blueglow:

That’s one way of looking at it - I meant it merely in terms of slang. Next level, as in, this is ahead of our time.

:blush: You aren’t William Blake, you’re Floyd. #-o

Why do you see it as ‘ahead of our time’?

^ Because it has futuristic elements enclosed in the details of the pieces. Don’t you see?

I must be a bit obtuse here. i do not see those futuristic elements. So far, again, i only see what I said I see above.

When you say 'pieces" how do you mean it? Are you simply referring to the green piece or others I do not see? Are you speaking of stumpy’s other artwork ? #-o

Yes, I’m talking about his art in general.