A general

A general
Lofty idea of a father is to rise up his child in all good environments. He gives him the chance to go to some faculties to train his powers, talents and abilities. He confers him a gold credit card and many life supports. Father teaches his son all esthetics of loves about honors, girls, curios, printings, or ever a silver spoon that used.
He makes sure that all your life is beautiful and expensive. He teaches you to have all measures to your opponents on any races in gymnasiums or on judo mats. He fights for you to the whips of cruel person but told you how to kiss the whips and boots of some of your girls. You have the chance to read many poems and your beautiful lines are your father s cates and good wines. You always give you the chance to taste all good foods.
Lofty ideas of a tiger son of general are to raise a powerful successor with painful tattoos. He teaches him to go to the military academy for all military science and strategies. He asks him to be a humble servant of some military scientist. He confers him with a shapeless medal that will glitter with specks of evil s bloods. He always boast you the lie of how serious wounds can heal by using some drools. He confers you the abilities to blind a giant’s eyes with slingshots and pellets. He insists on you to sleep with snakes.
He teaches you that some kisses full of poisons mud and sands of the slick fox from the deserts. You are the successor of carrion crow that was ready to eat rotten apples or meals. Fresh meals and drinks are the body and the bloods of your enemies. Your life is to make use the most valuable, expensive and sophisticated machinery of the last versions.
The best humanity is only some ideas for you to die with your friends. Often all happiness can not be done without triumphs. We can go to the brothels but you had to control yourself before you understand all adnexs of the triad society. To know God is believe to be three in one trinity but refuse to die only for eternities. Generals have the kind heart to suffer in hell without groups of choristers. There has one condition to ban out all evils is the rightness of a man.
However all the rains should have the tastes of sweets and hails with emblems of holidays but not the bullets human need complete lives that fulfill all their pleasures and comforts. We are all secular people who do not wish to be look down upon by any others. Although my father once had obtained the title of a major general but he never treat me like some soldiers. He seldom participates in wars. He was only a major of young army but he never instill me any political views.
A defeated major can die in enemies arms according to treaty of Genera but the death of a chief general is accompany with all his good name unless he kill himself. There are so many kinds of excruciate cross and so many beautiful fennies for the submission of a chief general. A good soldier kiss only the devils feet. All torments of soldiers and generals are base on the theory of Darwinisms that is only the fitness can survive.
The role of a soldier is to stop all cruel bully by slam dunks. The role of June of Arc and all saints are to tear off their own arms to regain some healthy arms for other peoples. Split to the face of some saints but not to others and they will satisfy you. However brave soldiers give all tit for tat as natures. Jennifer is the whores for most brave souls psychologically. She is the cat and donkey for the jennies. Some soldiers have the freak image of beautiful goats on their minds. Soldiers are sometimes boundless in geography. Do a Canada but Chinese police officer with honor –Jackie Chan represent all pinkos to interpret Hong Kong Taiwaneses. Hong Kong boss of imperial groups.

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