a hobby

I am in need of some new hobbies

I’ve done google searches and nothing stands out as something that I would like to try (nothing sparks an abundance of interest more than anything else)

I could really use a social hobby; one that I can talk about with others and participate with others

I could also use a cheap hobby; I don’t want to spend a boatload of money to enjoy myself

I could use a more masculine hobby; sports sounds nice but I wouldn’t know how to go about finding an adult sport league; Being honest with myself, I tend to take working out more individually rather than socially (personal work outs - I don’t want too much of a competitive nature)

I could use an mentally stimulating hobby; I’ve grown up enjoying video games, and my life has been a bit stagnant here recently - I would definitely entertain suggestions of PC and/or console games. Something that can keep me ‘on edge’ so to speak as I play

I could use something that gets me out of the house; I spent too much time indoors and would really appreciate reasons to get out. I want to avoid spending money on collecting things (although spending time doing so might be an approach I’d entertain). I don’t want too many things that collect dust so to speak

While I haven’t been a big reader in the past, I have been increasingly reading as I grow older; while I don’t want a book list to be rapid fired to me; I tend to have enjoyed non-fiction - If there are avid readers that could suggest a useful, purposeful, mind-blowing, or personalized book to me… that could be nice. Knowing myself, its a stretch that I’ll actually get around to reading it - I could use a good sale here. FWIW I enjoyed reading the first two-thirds of Thus Spoke Zarathustra - never got around to finishing it

Picking a hobby for myself is a bit daunting - I want an organically grown genuine interest, yet, a discipline/forcing function is what I would expect to work towards this end

Shooting in the dark - anyone try karate?

Anyway I am hoping for some ideas

Play Pokemon go.

i caught a squirtle

need to find an excuse to get to a pokestop

The excuse is that you need to catch them all. A lot of college bitches love Pokemon go, so hit the nearest campus and start walking around your city with strange women. Its super easy.

Scuba Diver
Deer Hunter
Rock Climber
Stock Car Racer
Marathon Runner

You could just decide you’re only going to eat the most bad ass food, become a food snob and hang out with other food snobs at nice places drinking good drinks and making fun of people who eat things like rice, or beans, or who go to McDonald’s.

i enjoy the convenience of mcdonalds too much for that.

in addition to ilp, does anyone have any other good general-purpose forums/message boards? Forums like these? Looking for some additional places to spend my time online

theapricity.com/forum/forum.php : A European Cultural Community

CURIOSITY: A hobby starts with that. What makes this work? Why doesn’t it work? What happens if…? You pick up the end of a string and see where it goes. It may branch off into who knows what? That is exploration of our curiosity. If you’re not curious about something, then sit on your butt and wait till you are.

You can argue with people in the comment sections of YouTube videos.

maybe i’ll give that a go

When it comes to tasks, pastimes, keeping busy - I tend to turn to what I know

Falling back to the games that I know
Falling back to the music that I like
Falling back to things I enjoy
Falling back to the people I love

What if I want to be exposed to something new? Figuring out a way to do this is daunting - I want something new to do

I guess I’m not looking for a methodical approach to encountering some new stimulation… okay maybe half looking for this

I think of a time I was in college - A roommate of mine was a big Dream Theater fan, and used to play the music frequently and sing along, sometimes annoyingly. But with time I found myself listening to this music and enjoying the band and their songs. (Progressive rock).

Another time when I was a kid, I was at a friends house, and he and his stepmom were playing a PC game that was really dark and interesting - Diablo 2. I was immediately hooked and spent several years enjoying the game

For someone else to plant the seed of organic growth of a pastime in ones own mind - I could use this. I want to stumble upon something enjoyingly time-consuming. I want to be exposed to something I where I don’t know what it is

If anyone has an approach to doing this (I am looking for someone to share something with me that I want to take up for myself)

Hmmm… I think I could use an adult show-and-tell, if such a thing exists

Try some indoor gardening.

Indoor plants can be so fussy… drinkers and driers are the best for the non-greenfingered.

Deleted my post, as ignored as per…

You want masculine hobbies that are also non-competitive. You can try auto repair. There are so many nuances in auto repair business (especially nowadays) that is may take you years to know the cars inside and out.
You can also try outdoor activities like fishing or hunting. Or carpentry/masonry. Mind that if you want to learn something really new, you’ll have to resolve to get out of your comfort zone first. There may be an apprentice/master relationship involved at first for some of these, but these activities do not have to be competitive in themselves. Critical thinking is also required in many of these, so you’ll be mentally stimulated, too, but in a more practical way.

A lot of the mystery of car repairs has been replaced by computers.

Mechanics have computers for specific makes of cars that can determine what the problem is.

(Something I am experiencing at the moment).

You could do taxidermy on roadkill like that dude in that movie “dinner for schmucks”

There’s plenty of those happening right now… as Halloween is nearly upon us, and so is the weirdness that goes with it.