anyone think it is possible (the computer kind at least)? or that it even exists today? i dont think that we could create a true artificial intelligence. unless you say that all computers are already a form of artifical intelligence, though less complicated.

The dictionary defines AI as:

So the only question that remains is, what do you normally think requires intelligence? When you have answered that question for yourself, see if you think it possible for a computer to do this. If it can, then AI exists, if it can’t, post your reasons why it can’t and see if anyone disagrees with you. If not, then there is not true AI.

Let me know how it goes…

i had a feeling that “what is intelligence” would be the first thing somone replied to this with. I AM just gonna go with the criteria that the kinda A.I. im talking about is trhe kind that could perform any task that humans can do (mental and physical) to the same caliber, if not better.

that being the case i think that we can say that AI will be created some day. the complications of it would be insane. one could just build a copy of a human… but instead of it being organic it would be mechanical. like all of the chemicals and stuff would still be there, but their release and use woudl all be controlled by computers. if ja know what i mean.

The dictionary definition seems to be describing the Turing test for AI. If it looks and acts as if it has a mind, then it has a mind. Then it pays to say that a computer, at some point, will have minds. On the other hand, many have questioned the idea that a computer will ever reach an intentional stance, that it will ever have something like an understanding of what it is doing, that it will be able to be self-reflective and so forth. If you go that route, the reverse also presents itself. Do we really have minds and intelligence or are these terms just habits of action?

For example, you can program a computer to say, “I’ve been thinking about . . .” but, at what point, can we say that a computer is simply following its programming and at what point can we say that it is really thinking about something? On the other hand, at what point are we really thinking about something or simply reacting to the stimulus around us? At what point does learning and programming, apart from complexity and embodiment, differ from learning and disposition?

yeah, but if the computers says its thinking about something. How is that different to me saying i am thinking about something? i have learned the words “i am thinking about something” because i have been taught these words, by being brought up in england. I realise the words meaning, but i have only learned what the meaning is, its not that i have an intuitive understanding of them; I have been taught the meaning too. Just like a computer can learn what the meaning is. Anyway, I might be lying when i say “i have been thinking about something”

Higher Logic is taught/learned it does not come natural. Human Brain can peice together lower logic. The difference between AI and HI(human Intelegence) is that the AI is programed with set logic or failure. while humans have larger possiblities, larger room/ability for higher logic and can do things completly against logic. The going against logic in a computer is a malfunction.

humboldt.edu/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/jpz … onnect4.pl

Here you can help teach the machine how to dessimate us all, that is if our lives depended on one game of connect 4

i beat it and it crashed on me =(

so far ive beat it twice. its probably evolved by now.

There is no evolving to this game. I have played it four times now and won each time by making the exact same moves from the first time I beat it. To try this yourself, there are seven aisle. The first aisle will be the one on the very left and aisle seven is the one on the very right. Do the following moves and you are guaranteed to win…

First move: Drop black into aisle 4
computer moves
Second move: drop black into aisle 3
computer moves
Third move: drop black into aisle 5
computer moves
Fourth move: drop black into aisle 4 again
computer moves
Fifth move: drop black into aisle 1
computer moves
Sixth move: drop black into aisle 2
computer moves
As your last move: drop black into aisle 3 for CONNECT FOUR!


magius read the info, it evolves after every 320 matches. i haveent done the math but it tells how many games its played.

I did read the info, but I didn’t go into the techno babble. I just read how the guy like connect 4 and got the idea for his web page from another site, etc. But I didn’t go into the actual links. But I will go back and read the links he provided and get back to you.

Magius, I tried your strategy, and it didnt work. it seems to have learnt from it’s humiliating defeats at your hands. My theory is that it will send a human-like cyborg into the past to attempt to kill your mother, thereby preventing your birth and ensuring that nothing stands to interrupt it’s plans to take over the moon, and bombard Earth with lethal, explosive, Waffle Houses.

Thats funny HVD :laughing:

Are you sure you put the pieces into the aisle labelling each aisle from the very left as 1, to the very right as 7? The reason I ask is after I read your post I tried my moves on it again, the moves I posted that is, and it worked the exact same way again. :frowning: