A new thought on astrology

I propose that the ruler of Pisces is Uranus.

ill allow it

Don’t be hasty, man.

i mean if it happens i wont stand in the way. i dont actually have anything to do with whether its true or false

I mean it’s a pretty revolutionary concept.

aren’t they all in the beginning?

it’s the always green stuff They can’t stomp out w/o spreading an undergrowth wildfire that you really want to (re)discover

The revolutionaryness of it is not its virtue. If anything, it speaks against it.

I hazard it regardless.

My anus is in Venus retrograde

My anus is in Venus retrograde

Was that so important that you had to say it twice?




I’m sure your anus has retrograded into many penises.

God help me I couldn’t help myself.

Hahahahahahaha thanks for that baby, I needed it.