A Philosopher's Challenge -

  • I know everything. I can give to cultured satisfaction the answer to any question.

Why do you feel the need to start every one of your threads with “The philosophy of…” ?

Philosophy has no subject matter. That’s dangerous.

i like how you didn’t answer her question :unamused:

So can Google, and Google’s a bot.

Philosophy has no subject matter, so I have to make sure that it is seen that I am not talking about a subject per se. So I say “the philosophy of…”. Otherwise, as happens on other forums, my posts get shoved from pillar to post.

I don’t know what the hell that means. “I’m not talking about a subject per se” “Philosophy has no subject matter”

I think that when you make posts, you’re actually not interested in other people understanding what you mean. It seems that way to me.

He’s a troll, humpty. Anyone who doesn’t realize that is a buffoon.

I think he believes the stuff he says. I just think that English isn’t his first language, and that he hasn’t had anybody in his life to give him feedback on his bad ideas.

But his posts have the tone of a joke.

Since he is prepared to answer any question I might as well just ask him.

Jones, are you a troll?

It means that when we talk of the philosophy of science or anything else, then the subject isn’t science or anything else. Philosophy has no subject matter, it deals with subject matter.

you make really weird rules that you have to follow mentally, it seems to me. like, you just make up these rules. no parts of a thing can affect other parts of a thing - made up. philosophy has no subject matter - made up.

You are trolling me, but censoring writers won’t help you learn to read well.

In future, Vanitas and Humpty, do not respond to any of my posts. I will not be responding to any more of yours.

I can be a huge prick, but at least I don’t hold grudges JohnJones.

“The philosophy of science” is a subject. It deals with the assumptions and methods and justifications of scientific study. Its subject matter is science and its praxis and underlying concepts. Philosophy of history deals with the assumptions and methods and justifications of historical study, and so on.

Yeah, I think you are confusing ‘indefinite’ with ‘nonexistent’, in terms of subject matter.

Another failed thread.

Doesn’t this question just cause a circle?

why am i smarter than you?