a revisit to the idea of IQ45 winning

I was on a website, realclearpolitics, where
one of the writers declared that “IQ45 was winning”
Now, I normally don’t visit delusional writers, but
I thought I should take a look…

His thesis was that despite the “evil media” IQ45 was winning
and he listed several ways he felt that IQ45 was winning…
his list was how judges were nominated that followed the law
and didn’t make it, (leaving aside the falsehood of this)
and he listed trying to kill Obamacare as a win, more on this later,
and addressing the problem of illegal immigration,
“developing America’s vast energy resources”
rolling back the regulatory state especially the administrative
overreach of agencies such as the EPA…
pursuing policies that put "America first and the American workers,
simplifying the U.S tax code and making it more competitive for
US. business and more “equitable” for individuals
putting a stop to the "obscene violation of due process that
Title 9 fanatics brought to the college campuses across the country…

Now that is quite a list and the real problem is simply this,
it assumes that such a list is actually in the best interest of America
and American’s…

for example, developing America’s energy resources means coal
and the administration has worked very hard on this resource but
to anyone who understands it, coal is dead, even some supporters
admit that coal is dead… so why would we work on developing
something that has no future and how is that a plus?

let us address Obamacare… why would we return to policies
that have clearly failed as the system before Obamacare failed…
the U.S is the only industrial country in the world that allows
people to go bankrupt from medical cost… so how is allowing
people to go bankrupt from medical cost a win?

our prior medical system was inefficient and not to mention,
so costly that our medical system cost far more then
the numbers over the next system by trillion of dollars…
we put more money into our medical system then
the next 5 medical systems PUT TOGETHER…
so how is returning to that system, a win?

the basic problem with his thinking that the agenda
he pushes doesn’t help America and doesn’t help Americans…

for example the regulatory system he decries, exists for a reason…
we know that companies in their all might pursuit of the dollar will
sacrifice lives and we know, know, that they will not voluntarily
stop just it “might” be the right thing to do… the almighty pursuit
of the dollar trumps all other considerations in the mind of corporations…

now another little item he takes for granted is how is giving billions of dollars
to the wealthy in the form of welfare for the rich helps the average American?

Bush 2 gave the largest tax cut in American history in 2003 to “create”
new jobs and the vast majority of that tax cut went to the wealthy an
corporations and how many jobs were created in total during the bush
2 administration? Less then a million!!! The total number of jobs
that the bush administration created was slightly more then the Hoover administration
during the depression… and that is with the biggest tax cut in American history…
as if we need any more proof that tax cuts don’t increase the number of jobs or
improves the economy… so how does giving massive welfare tax cuts to the
wealthy make America great when it doesn’t do anything more then
redistributes wealth from the working poor and the middle class to the
wealthy…how is that winning for America?

and the lie that right wing judges don’t make policy.
look at citizen united and bush vs gore… both simply ignore
past court rulings and simply create policy…in fact, I would
argue that right wing judges are far more likely to create policy
that violate prior court ruling then left wing judges…
so how is ignoring past court rulings a win for America?

the basic assumptions of this writer is that those right wing idea’s and
policies are actually good for America and the fact of the matter
is they are good only if you belong to a rather small and specialize
group and that is all the right wing cares about…

for the right wing, the vast majority of American’s
aren’t taken into consideration and they don’t actually
care about the vast majority of American’s needs or beliefs
or wants and they don’t care about the average American…

success is defined by success by a small group of the elite and
not the average American…how is success by a small group of
American’s, a measure of success for America?

you can measure IQ45 success by how many people benefit by his
actions and that number is very small and that is a sign
that his actions aren’t winning because his policies only
benefit a small group of American’s and not the vast majority
of American’s…


the right wing, the GOP operates on a the Reguns theory
that the government is the problem, not the solution…
but it misses the basic function of government…
government provides services that are essential for
the operation of society…
for example government gives us schools, hospitals,
roads, sewage plants, police and fire protection…

I don’t for example see how having a policemen
around town as being the problem or having
the fire department coming to my house if I
had a fire…

and schools are a very, very good thing to have and roads
and hospitals… how are they the problem?

the right wing whines about “overreaching” government and
uses the EPA as an example but the fact is, I am really ok with
clean air and clean water and as little pollution as possible…
so how is having clean air and water and land, a problem?
by having a clean environment, I can live a better life,
so how is that a problem? one might argue that regulations
cost us jobs… but how is having a possible job more important than
having a clean environment? we spend too much time focusing on
jobs and money instead of the real priorities which is having people
living lives with safe streets and a clean environment and educated
populace…civilization requires, demands in fact, that we
have the government support us in our daily lives… giving us
roads and schools and sewage plants and policemen and a clean
environment… how are those things the problem?
and only government can give us those things…
it is the infrastructure of a civilization that creates the
civilization… Rome and Greek and Egyptian and the French
and the English civilization, all became civilization because
of the infrastructure it created, not despite it…
and the only way we can maintain the infrastructure, civilization,
is by government… an any attempt to diminish or destroy the infrastructure
is destroying the civilization…

reducing taxes is just one way to reduce society, reduce civilization…
the price of our society is taxes… don’t like civilization? then
go somewhere where there is no society, no civilization like
the Sudan or Somalia and you can pay no taxes of any kind
and live in paradise…because to have civilization, government,
one must have taxes…and any demand to reduce taxes is a demand
to diminish our civilization, to reduce our quality of life…

and to those who put taxpayers money over lives… we must
save taxpayers money at all cost… is one who puts money over
people’s lives and that person is no friend of humanity or civilization…
indeed any demand to save money over people’s life is nihilism at its best…
because it puts money over people and that is nihilism…