A Serious Decision

So on Monday I am driving down to Waco to check out a flight school that I am thinking of attending soon. It is a nine month course, with a guaranteed pilot’s license by the end of it. After the course, I could immediately begin flying smaller commercial planes making maybe 75-100 grand a year.

I have flown dozens of times (not as the pilot of course), and despite my fear of heights I can usually be very relaxed while flying. The school is rather expensive, and this is a serious commitment to make, I am just not sure what to do.

Any words of advice?

Tell them you have no need to learn how to land.

Hahaha…I dunno about that.

Think about how you want to spend the next few years of your life.

If you will enjoy your job, then you should do it. If you are doing it for the money, then you may actually be saving time and energy by doing something not profitable but enjoyable.

I prefer to stay healthy and follow my wants than anything else in my life right now and it’s working out. Then again, I don’t have a definitive plan for the next few years, but I’m happy taking care of my health and looking for some hot women to date.

I am assuming there isn’t much social interaction with piloting until you have your license. If your fine with that then go with what you think is best.

I prefer to have a job with lots of opportunities to meet new people! You can never have enough friends, that can help you out in specific areas at home/life!

I am doing it mostly for the money. Twenty hour work-weeks, making several hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

This too is probably an excellent way to get the ladies hooked(shallow ones anyway). :wink:

Why is this a serious decision?

What’s the downfall; what’s holding you back???

Well, it’s basically a career choice. If I go through with it, then I will probably become a career pilot. The school is expensive, and if it doesn’t end up working out, it will be a big loss.

I’m just not sure if this is what I want to do.

Hmm, well I don’t know who around here can to you what you want.

I know that statistics often fall short of individual circumstances, but pilots are amongst the most content/happy with their job out of all occupations. Hard to say “no” to that. And while many things are scary initially, familiarity makes them quite mundane. For example, when a buddy of mine started working in an AIDS lab, he was freaked out to be handling vials of HIV or HIV+ blood. But now, heh, he doesn’t think twice about it. Utterly mundane.

So really, why not go for it? See the world? Be in an occupation most people in are happy about? Be paid well? Where are the down sides? Honestly. So, you are a little afraid of heights, with time that will fade. Unless it is a crippling phobia (and it isn’t, since you have done so) why bother worrying? I mean, worst case scenario, you can complete it and view it as a triumph over that fear.

Heck, I’m not sure how many people wouldn’t be afraid of flying like that. But overcoming that is a triumph over our baser, animal part. I think that overcoming that would be rewarding.

it’s a great plan…

do the pilot thing for the bucks…

but we know your true desire is to whittle figurines out of soap blocks…

it just doesn’t pay too well on the ground…

that’s why they have auto pilots


in my new world planes will be destroyed and replaced by flying discs of opression… make sure you check the transition markets from plane to opression disc as there will be developments soon… assuming i can get this cold fusion thing working…

Thats why you make a popular religion and have people rejoice that they have a figurine soap block!

Soap Boxology!!!

Well, I found out that excluding living costs, the full course will cost around $41,000. A bit pricey, but I feel it would be worth it. Also just found out it’s 6 semesters of classes, so it’s going to take some good effort on my part.

Ok, so today I visited the school and I liked the place a lot. I got a tour from the Department Chairmen, who also would be teaching several of my aviation classes.

I would take two years of courses starting in August. By the end of it, I would have several different piloting certificates, including single engine, multi engine, and instructor. I would also have my Associates degree in Applied Science. I would start flying within my first out of six semesters. I would start flying solo after only 12 hours of flight experience (frankly, I am really nervous about the thought of it). Classes go from either 8 AM until the class ends, or from 1 PM until the class ends, and we are given the choice of which we want to go to (the answer being obvious). I would schedule when I want flying time based off of openings, day or night. When I graduate, I will be offered a job as a flight instructor there, to gain flying hours while having the student pay for the flight fees. I would also make decent money doing that too. While working at the school, I could transfer to another college an hour away that is connected with the school, and I would have to drive to no more than twice a week. So while working as a flight instructor I would be getting my Bachelors Degree in Aviation Science or something like that from the other school. This way I can fly for the very large airlines. After about 7-10 years of loyalty to a company, or if I have a very good amount of flying time, I can be positioned as Captain, making anywhere between 100 and 250 thousand dollars a year, working 20 hour work weeks (pilots can’t work more than 100 hours a month, or 1000 hours a year…how awesome is that?).

Anyway, I realize no one is interested I just decided I’d follow-up on the thread. :wink:

Free flights for everyone!

nice to hear you have it all figured out, sounds cool…

will you be changing your name to Icarus?


Cool! :sunglasses:

Keep us posted! oh, and I’ll be holding you to those free flights… :wink:

Before you sink a fortune into this do some serious research on job availability. I was interested at one point to get my license to work on planes. I enjoy mechanics. Sounded like a good deal… I then called around to different service companies across the country… They had no plans for hiring. There were more mechanics than jobs (1 job to 500 mechanics and the mechanic number was constantly growing). It would not have been worth my investment… So call companies across the country, explain to them why you are calling. They will tell you about job availability. Look hard into it… Not enough people do. Look at computer programmers and such, there is a glut in the market. These schools just want bodies they don’t tell you there are hundreds of schools doing the same thing. You are just a paycheck.

They are hiring pilots like no other right now, and that is only going to increase over the next 5 or 6 years. All of the baby boomer pilots are retiring now, leaving many many gaps. Also, apparently there are fewer people attempting to become pilots now than there used to be.

As for the school, it was highly recommended by several people who work in the aviation industry…it’s supposed to be a great school.