a simple choice for UR and gLOOM...

you argue against having mask and vaccines as being unnecessary and a burden…

ok, let us see what values you actually have…

given the attacks on 9/11, was the “Patriot act” necessary?
what value do you hold that is most important? if, if freedom
is what is important, then why have two wars to seek “justice”…
the terrorist, those who attacked the Twin Towers were simple exercising
their own personal freedoms…

but if, if we hold to safety and security as a value, then we must
protect ourselves by doing as we did… invading two innocent countries
of any involvement in the 9/11 attacks…

what about the “personal freedom” of the shoe bomber, who tried
to blow up a plane…why should he be punished for an engagement with
his own personal freedom? if personal freedom is that important, then
we should allow anyone to board a plane with guns, machine guns,
nuclear weapons, missile launchers… if, IF personal freedom is really
the value you hold dear then why does every single American have
to take off their shoes at the airport because of the actions OF ONE PERSON?

if safety/security is the value you hold, then we must do what we can
to protect everyone… so under this principle, we do have people wear
masks and take the vaccines…but if the point, the value you hold is
one of personal freedom, then anything, ANYTHING done to deny
personal freedom is wrong… so, why have driver’s license? why have
laws like stoplights and stop signs?

if the point is personal freedom, then we cannot, cannot ever have a law
that denies personal freedom… there can not be a single law preventing
anyone from any action that denies one’s personal freedom…

so what is it? personal freedom or safety/security? and just as importantly,