A Strange Obelisk


That’s not a fixed cross on your obelisk.

The cross itself is fixed to the obelisk, as it rotates around.

One could almost mistake it for a windmill.

A fixed rotating cross.

That would be my interpretation of it too… :wink:

Only because Im Dutch.

Discrimination targeted towards the Dutch is not racism, it’s a public service.

Have pity, you buffoon.

Already we have only one store left in the entire country.

This store.



Now why on Earth would I post a picture of a windmill?
By the way, windmills are extinct. The last one was made into a brewery, and the cross has been tied down because drunk people kept walking into it.

From a Chinese site.

Also, this happens in Holland every November


So trust me.

There are millions of windmills still going, pumping water across the planet.

Persians invented them, not the Dutch, just it stuck on the Dutch iconically, given they have very little else to stand out by, and nothing unique. It is a lazy bum civilization.

And quit bitching about having only one grocery store chain, I know the Moroccans provide alternatives. Netherlands went from being a country to a city, lost it’s regional vitality when faith in the religion and military collapsed after the wars.

Your all gonna be living in liberal pods soon, sex will be illegal, and everyone will have to wear safety helmets. You and Sauwekios are not the resistance, but a symptom identifying the current state of the collapse.

Going back to pirating and wearing wooden shoes won’t forstall it at all either. Your a finished people, a overcrowded mouse cage, where the mice lose a desire to reproduce and exist despite their indifference. Every cue you’ve formulated involving nihilism and god tends to be wrong and your generally just bullshitting yourself… vibrant nations don’t embrace such a outlook, and insist on a very different style of living. The Dutch can’t pull that off anymore.

Your doom, just dig your graves, lay down in them, and wait for it… just wait. You got it all figured out.


This thread got distinctly funnier… then TF arrived ( :laughing: ) that guy’s such a killjoy… he should be labelled ‘mood killer’.

Oh fuck, what does it matter? He hasn’t presented a point yet to this thread. If I’m in a bad mood, everyone has to pay. Everyone, especially the windmill loving Nietzscheans. That’s like, Hitler with puppies, or Pol Pot finger painting, fucking disturbing shit to see them daydreaming about it.

Ahhhhhh, the self-defining bad mood.

And no, the midget teletubbie is neither off topic not irrelevant to a thread about pics of non-functioning windmills in the Netherlands, if anything it is squarely on target.

Want to know what Sartre thought about windmills and midgets? Nothing. Francis Bacon… Nothing. Confucius… Nothing. No philosopher has given a damn about windmills in a thousand years, and evens then it was a “hmmm, it spins… Well, moving on, looking at something else” mindset.

Turds psychology is well described as repressed. His entire personality make up is a way to please people, except he also wants to please himself, so he has to pretend to be a hardass, while at the same time showing his affections by posting immense posts with jokes in them.

Since I learned that his roots are Dutch and had to wear Dutch insignia in Iraq, I understand his fetish with Sauwelios, Holland, and more recently me… he is just fucked. Wants to be am American Badass, but is forced to relate by his Mercurial, symbol-triggered mind, to think about his origins, Holland.

Turd is so intelligent that his false self is a pure contradiction. But he is not deep enough to break through it.

His real self is very obviously bisexual. I conceded that he is probably not entirely gay, but no one stalks another man for ten years with sexual insinuations simply out of intellectual disagreement.

I have nothing against gays. They are propagators of culture, result of a culture no longer needing to amass people. Turds eclectic cultural librarian mind is the quintessential homo.

And that is not a windmill.

Smock mills and tower mills are types of windmills