A topic that brought me concern

Carleas has a lot on his plate.

A thread was recently locked because mag thought answering her questions was spam.

I don’t care that the thread was locked. I already answered her questions.

If people are spamming their own ops, like mag did, then what are we supposed to do about that?

I’ve heard it fielded that the software should be updated so that anyone can ban a poster from their threads at anytime.

This reminds me of a social scientist back in 1995 who predicted the Internet is so vast that people will only seek out views like theirs and it will cause compartmentalization of concepts. (Their own bubble).

Whoever supports Donald trump is an idiot.

All that Qanon shit.

People are trying to bring different perspectives to the world.

I think it’s ironic that mag fears me and she chose to be feared.

But this has bigger implications for ILP.

The only person I EVER saw for to report was a poster who used the quote function to say things I never said and respond to things I never said.

Any poster on this board can do that.

It’s the first time I’d ever seen an actual person do it online.

They were banned.

Thank you for sharing your concern.