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Hi everyone… check out: {removed at Vorticals request}


I’m on the left…

  • ben


This is pretty recent …


I’ll post “everyday” pictures of myself as soon as I take some…these are about 4 months old…my hair is shoulder length and dark brown now (natural colour) I also cut out a person who did not agree to be posted on the forum.

Great pics Shyster =)

No, I am not Alanis Morrisette.

No, I do not have contacts. Amber is the colour of my eyes. Though this picture accentuates them because of the sweater my grandmother made.

I also did not just eat a canary, regardless of what it looks like :wink:

GCT…I love cuddly looking men and you look like a big teddy-bear. :smiley:

Ben…You and your girl are a couple of cuties.

Bob…You guys look so happy together.

arditezza…Hubba,hubba :wink: You have the nicest hair I have ever seen.


My father calls me his “Breck Girl”. I’ve never like my hair short since my mother used to have it cut “Dorothy Hammil” style back in the 70’s and early 80’s. It doesn’t look that nice all the time, and in the morning I look like Rosanna Rosanna-Dana. (of Saturday Night Live fame, see below) I have to take about 30 minutes before bed and brush it all out then tie it back or I’ll never get all the knots out in the morning.

Incidentally, I had to put up with my mothers badgering again this Mother’s Day, “When are you going to cut that hair??”. I always tell her that as long as I can still brush it, or get someone to brush it for me, it stays.

P.S. That corset looks painful!!

I used to get the “mushroom cut” like that little boy on “Eight is Enough”. I love the older SNLs. No way I would wear a corset for more than 3 hours at a time, and only if I’m being paid for it. I have a friend who wears them all the time. To each their own. :smiley:

… …

wow…so much natural mysterious beauty! i also looove the tapestery…

embracetrees, thank you for the compliment.

I had to take an unwanted absence from the internet due to some good ol’ military training that I had to do. Some of it was pretty neat, I got to play war in the forests / jungles of Okinawa. I also got to re-qualify with my rifle marksmanship and I scored higher than I’ve ever had, making me a Marine Sharpshooter. Which means I could accurately hit objects like wayward sponge balls at 500 yards out. But for the most part it wasn’t fun at all, but I’m proud of myself for completing my course of training and happy that I’m back in civilization again. :smiley:

But the good news is that all my training is completed with and now I’m at work doing my daily grind. This Saturday will be my last official magic show before Star Wars comes out, and I’m planning to take a major break from everything magic for a while.

A big picture of my big head

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(your turn, Dr. Satanical…)

[size=75][Big Tab and Little Tab find the fabled ILP Fountain of Wisdom][/size]

You know Tab, that kind of fits with my mental picture of you…I didn’t know that your hair was long but now that I see it, of course it is!

hmmm, interesting…

Little Tab is oh so very cute. I’m sooooooooooo broody at the moment. Every second woman in London is pregnant. Yes, it was a long cold dark winter.


The Doc: