Aeonic Capitalism

In the end which Im willing to argue to at length when the Socialist tenet of the worker who takes and holds possession of the means of production is followed through, one arrives at a basic capitalistic model. The workers own stock of the company and they share the profits.
Most Capitalistic startups are of this nature.
So in the long run, the differences arent fundamental, just scalar.

I can argue this with anyone willing to follow a point by point analysis form of debate.

What interests me now in this time is public shareholership. One might see this as a state buying up shares of a privatized public institution, like an airline.
By this act, the airline becomes in theory in part the property of the taxpayer, the voter, the public servant, the person working for that airline.
As it is we are all workers for the state. We pay the state our due to work. The state is like a mafia don, or the mafia don is like the state. Except that the state typically provides services like running water, which is not typically the forte of mafia.

By this virtue of providing - virtue, the state holds a certain value. This value is capitalistically programmed by the properties of the world which are or can be made to appear as necessary or otherwise desirable. By paying taxes we might be considered to have a right to own part of the state. But I propose that this ownership is distributed through public provisions which are capitalized, in the ownership of which the commuter can partake by paying his dues in some chosen manner.

Lets say we could spend our own tax money within the state.
One direct advantage is that it abolishes lobbying protocol agendas and replaces it with spontaneous interest.

Invent a new economy and induce the investments of long entrenched funds. Technology has been especially effective in channeling capital in large quantities, but so far it has been a self serving affair. The infrastructure for public ownership of the state which regulates the basic forms of society has been put in place with the smartphone appweb to the internet of things which marks mans transition into the immediate mind, a degree of knowledge that grants power by capacity. Children of this age are superior in their capacity to cause things, and they are going to learn how to use that capacity.

Knowledge has been an affair of privacy and privilege. This is, taken from the view of a united mankind, an infantile defense mechanism.