Agent Orange Clown Show.

Well, this thread will be ongoing illustrating the orange clown and chief known as Donald Trump.

[Quick note: This thread is a conservative criticism and mockery of Donald Trump not a liberal or democrat one.]

First, that Omnibus spending bill, how about that? :laughing: 1.3 trillion dollars of bloated federal government spending. :laughing: What was Donald Trump’s reasoning for signing the bill into law?

“I had to sign it for the troops, we must do it to protect the troops.” :sunglasses:

With democrats the mantra is we must do it for the childrens whereas republicans it is we must do it for the troops. In the end both mantras isn’t about children or troops at all but instead are elaborate human shields to hide behind politically in furthering their own agendas which always means chipping more and more away from the independence of the common man or woman.

What’s a few more trillion dollars here and there in a nation that is for all intents or purposes is financially bankrupted? :sunglasses:

One conservative commentator I read yesterday said that yesterday’s historic pivot politically should be recognized as a national holiday of screw your own base politically, maybe he was right. :mrgreen:

Donnie my boy, you just screwed over your entire political base and I have a feeling it won’t go unnoticed.

Hey Donnie, where’s the Mexican border wall your promised campaigning? Where’s it at? :laughing:

(Remember, that border is over 1500 miles wide where 32 miles of fencing isn’t going to cut it.)

Yet your major concern yesterday was legalizing the poor DACA illegal immigrants being utilized to supplant national citizens with the omnibus bill. (Fucking pathetic.)

The way things are going in the United States politically by both parties the new musical national anthem eventually will be this.


Is this the year that white America finally learns that is has no political representation in Washington D.C.? You all put your faith in the Orange Clown and now look what has happened, he’s betrayed you all.

Capitalism, democracy, and extreme individualism has abandoned white America to nothingness where we’re are left to fend for ourselves. I think a new political economic ideal needs to be introduced to collectively represent us. :sunglasses: For me that is national socialism as I view such a government as our only form of political salvation and resurrection in this world.

I won’t overly hype our situation here as it is a horrible one filled with peril, collectively we face an upward battle with political enemies from all sides surrounding us where it seems almost impossible for outright rebellion however if we pull together we might have one single opportunity/ small window at winning yet if all of this is hopeless then we will make one final stand together giving our enemies one hell of a fight before we ourselves are annihilated. We would essentially force history to recognize us with one grande finale of total insurrection. Would you rather disappear into oblivion whimpering or fighting? For me my choice is fighting, the choice is all yours to make as well.

Ask yourselves this, what do you truly have to lose? We’ve lost already too much collectively and there is very little left to lose in this battle. I say fight with the intention of winning or lose everything but fight anyways. Make your choice white America as from here on out we face a war of attrition the likes that has never been seen by our ancestors in our entire collective history.

I tried to tell you he was a fraud. But nooooo.

I knew he was a fraud after his second month in office.

Also, Latin women are pretty well on the mark for what a lot of people wish American women were. They generally defer to the man in their lives, they don’t mind staying at home and they have family values, they’re less likely to be narcissistic sluts, and most of them can work wonders with a few tortillas and some chilis and shit in the kitchen. What’s so bad about letting them in?

I would prefer women from Iceland, Ireland, Ukraine, or Norway. :-"

At any rate the United States doesn’t need to be become another Mexico.

South American women are cheaper, less uppity and have bigger tits.

Not so sure about that considering under the United States imperial hegemony over the rest of the world a large bit of American neo liberal feminism has been exported to a variety of nations around the world politically including Central and South America.

Besides women will become less uppity when the economic collapse occurs that will force them to change their viewpoints on a variety of issues.

My view of ideal feminine beauty and attraction is something like this.

Yeah me too. I got a weakness for fake tits and eating disorders.


No sarcasm with that one. Girls who are unnaturally skinny and who have fake tits are among the most attractive out there. I don’t mean a worst-case skeleton girl, but like a girl who should weight 135lbs but only weighs 110. Throw a set of fake tits on there and I’m game like 100 percent of the time.