Agent provocateur

Agent provocateur

If china wanted to they could pick up the phone and tell north Korea to shut the fuck up, and not to provoke the west with threats of their V2’s 20thC technology - it is not impressive. If I were America I’d be thinking ‘I could beat them up with my dick’.

The Russians are trying the same thing I.e. using an affiliatory state as agent provocateur. The reason being that you can test the opposition by using third parties, and not causing direct war. They tried it with the Ukraine but we didn’t bite, so they got more involved with Syria and are are now the main thing making all of that suffering occur.

We didn’t have much choice in that one, as we were already working with Syrian rebels to topple Assad’s regime.


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  • but seriously…? what can you do with these assholes, would Russia want a war, or indeed is that the only thing they are in there for? What’s the point, when they already know what our armed forces are capable of?


Everyone except the North Koreans know of MAD, and no one in their right mind would want to die. The North Koreans have not the glory of death to the infidels ideology so their claims are strictly amateur attempts, and that makes their ignorance anything but bliss

Yeah! … ain’t it a bitch when a dog refuses to be brought to heel!

Perhaps … not the glory of death to the infidels ideology … yet … perhaps the dignity to believe it’s better to die standing than to live on your knees.

if I thought it were that i’d be on their side. I think N. Korea is a puppet to china, simply being used as pawns imho. meanwhile their people are suffering, as are Syrians.

it mostly around 99% Muslims dying. we may complain about the odd attack here and their but that’s only a tiny percentage of the amount of suffering they are going through.

History is not your strong suit … the Korean War 1950-1953 … ergo: Capitalism vs Communism … marches onward … it never ended.

The 11-13th century crusades march onwards … the 13th century Cathar genocide marches onward.

The heretic/heathen/goyim battles march onward.



Ecclesiastes 1:9

Yet :laughing:

Russians are scheming and planners.

How you WIN at RISK is you take over small countries with minor influence, eventually you take over enough tiny countries that you take over the world. Russia plans on taking over the world.

America has won prior battles because it was “the good guys”…but now how can anyone with a clear conscience actually pretend America are the good guys anymore…

America’s military has actually gotten weaker since Trump was president…but someone like me as president, we’d have the most powerful military in the world…

K: the fact is that the need to have a strong military shows the weakness of America…
real strength comes from going without a powerful military… in other words,
real strength comes from having a strong State department and not a strong military…

having a strong military is really weakness, you just don’t realize it…


The poor Muslims-Ottomans sacked most of Europe pillaging wherever they went their conquests saw no end until they got stopped at Vienna, but wherever they conquered, they enslaved the populace and horrendously raped and pillaged them.

The Christian Muslim divide was as drastic in consequence as is the capitalist Communist ever was.

then I can understand what the issue was for those living in those times. 18thC or was it the 17thC? I am not saying I am on their side btw [read the op], and equally I don’t think there is much one can do about a people who make themselves your enemy. the position here is aimed against those who provoke.


Unfortunately most of the world religions hold to the idea of karmic inheritance, including the Quran. Or fortunately.
Even the idea of being born with inherited guilt provokes abhorrence in some. Depends .

So the idea behind who provokes and for what purpose or reason, has an obvious picture of it and the dynamic that subsumed it.


Sometimes by better defining who the enemy is,it gets easier to change their feelings about provoking hostility,tough but doable, even in times like today, times of irreverence.