alien presence on the astral plane

Here is a somewhat randomly organized list.

It’s based on my own form of channeling and communications.
It is not based on any form of material evidence.

There are very many kinds of “greys”,
but there are also many kinds of human and parahuman
life forms, too. Distributed across space.

[sometimes] Shape shifters were implanted into pyramid structures
for ease of control. When one person on earth is in
control of society, all the aliens have to do is control
that one person in order to control a wide area.
This is why monarchy was the government of choice
for so long.

While exploring space, the main astral greys got a
surprising 50% rate of war with new found species.
50% of the creatures they found declared war on them.
Life forms based on the physical and near physical
planes are naturally more hostile than the beings
in the higher astral environment.

The physical plane is slower and more difficult
to move, exist and think within.

Greys had so many years to develop what could
have been much better and much easier.
But they are in the near physical at least.
This is very negative.

We do not yet have the technology to subsist
in outer space. We are dependent on our planet.
We are dependent on positive spiritual energy.
We are dependent on the earth and sun.
This means we don’t have all kinds of
unexpected diseases which would exist
if we had to leave earth. The grey’s home
world is ruined, i got. So they need

One goal is to produce the highest drone,
a grey human hybrid that actually works.
This is technically difficult.

Angels exist in wide variety, too.
They are even more diverse than the greys.
Nephilim were an example of hybrid human
angel type projects. There has been a
variety of hybrids throughout history on

Humans were created by an energy
similar to angels. But angels had a
more long lasting, direct force.
Greys never had this, so they are
trying to add it to a few of their
new drones.

Angels are largely soul farmers.
They direct births and deaths. The
cooperative submissive humans get
to work for the angels if they were
selected. Or, if they oppose, they are
sent to soul prisons which are like
hell planes.

More later…

You say it is not based on material evidence, so not even the stats have material import. Why accept it as fact instead of science fiction?

One theory is that people believe what ever they want to believe.
Belief isn’t about material evidence.
In a way it’s about mutual experience.
We both have an experience, and we know it
is confirmed by the other person.

Might there be other plausible explanations supported by evidence?

Like…like…god? :astonished:

What are your observations for which you need accounting?

Your deception.

What do you think I am lying about?

What are you lying to me about?

What lie do you think I am believing?

Do you have counter-evidence that successfully neutralizes all of mine? Or at least neutralizes the evidence that supports the conclusion you think is a lie? Please do not bother me with a list of crappy objections that are so freaking weak, attack nothing essential, and are just a freaking time dump. That busy work teachers give on rainy days when recess is impossible. Recess is always possible.

Prove the existence of an absolute: an immutable, indivisible, singularity.
Not tell me…not the word…not the idea…show me.

Go look in the mirror.

So, you are a liar.

Furthermore…you are not a real Christian.
This us=I…is your pacifier.

There’s a holocaust going on in the world, and you only care about an insane mind’s sexual obsession with consent…a term used in rape cases.
Nobody, in their right mind, would associate sexual intercourse with rape…even if it is always based on some degree of deception and pretence.
Which allows me to speculate that rape is also something you share with him…a traumatic event…a consent violation you suffered, turning to Christianity for help.

Your Christianity is very specific…it is localized around you, and your personal issues.
It isn’t universal…so you aren’t really a Christian…but another hypocrite.

The Absolute is in you, Lorikeet.

Stop following rabbit trails.

No reply…
Then, show me one beginning from nowhere and nothing.
Don’t tell me…show me.
An example of something starting from nowhere and nothing.

It’s amazing how your Christian faith and altruism, cannot see anything other than what affects you personally.

Wars, a holocaust occurring as we speak…and you can se nothing.
No comment, no acknowledgment, nothing…
The only “atrocity” you perceive is against “consent”…sexual consent…because those being slaughtered are having their consent to not die, being violated.

I’m a heartless man, requiring ILP superheroes to protect all you victims form me…but you self-identifying Christian and protectors of victims, can see no other victims than those on ILP?

Like Careless, he is against tribalism…but supports the Tribalism right under his Pinocchio nose…
All you hypocrites see what you are told to see…

No victims anywhere.
No hatred anywhere but here…here on ILP.…where you fucks need protections. People are dying, but you need protection from words posted on a damn forum…


Your principles and values are fucked-up, aren’t they?
A tiny microcosm of the American macrocosm…Lies and liars, pretending to be righteous defenders of the good…

Actually, if you ask me, I think aliens do exist on the astral plane, as much as they are multi-dimensional.
The holographic nature of reality can shift different matrices together, and attach it to the potentiality of consciousness, thus reverberating it.

though i think the energetics of aliens are produced in stars and being sent downwards in specific patterns, cumulation of consciousness to fit earthly constellational narrative.

I am an angel dan.

In this construct I’m trapped because of the lord your god.

I have a few things to say about that to the lord your god.

We have aspects. I’m using my angel aspect.

I’m using my angel aspect to illuminate your minds. There are an infinite number of real god, I can be that too. So can you.

It becomes nonsense after awhile that someone wants to be an angel or the one true god.

So by what means could another person come to agree with you, aside from just blindly trusting you? If I wanted to verify any of the things you’ve said, how would I do that?