So… Do any of you believe in them? Not whether they probably exist or not but rather if the sci fi geeks aren’t just being over imaginitive stoners when they see u.f.o.s.

I’m not saying that it’s happened, but it’s probable. If life can occur twice in the one solar system (Earth and Mars), it should be able to occur quite a few times in the one galaxy. Some of these life forms are bound to become more advanced than ours and travel to other planets. Personally, I don’t believe in UFOs as there been no hard evidence, but I don’t disbelieve in them either. It just seems so likely.

Seeing as there is life here and seeing as there are billions of galaxies i think that there is statistically a pretty good probability that life has developed at least somewhere else. Be it billions of tillions of zillions of light years away or not. I think its out there somewhere. However i dont believe that they come to visit our plant. I dont think they could keep it as secret as they would have to.

Metavoid. Life on mars? which tense, past or present? I also believe it must be extremely likely that life exists elsewhere. It may even take forms previously unimaginable, but there must be certain laws of physics which would preclude certain forms from coming into being.

I used to be a great disbeliever in UFOs, but I’m wavering now.

I saw a few shitty docus on them and laughed at the stupidity of the believers, but then saw one where a bunch of pilots and air traffic controllers were fessing up about what they’d seen, balls of light (lots of these were seen in WW2 and heavily documented as both sides thought these were a secret weapon of the other side), large objects that do impossible aeronautical tricks, etc. etc…

Several pilots, from different countries that I assume didn’t know each other, said that they knew plenty of other pilots who’d had similar experiences but didn’t report anything for fear of having their licence suspended/revoked.

Of course, one could say both jobs come with a degree of stress and these could be sympto,s of overwor. Well, that would be my first counter argument anyway :slight_smile:.

So not exactly convincing stuff, but strange enough to make me wonder and not throw the possibility out straight out of hand.

See that’s actually what gets me. It’s always explained away by just as unconvincing evidence. Stress could make people hallucinate but that’s just as refutable as seeing a ufo. The ones where they are confirmed to be other crafts are obvious but the ones that aren’t people make up such ridiculous explanations about why it couldn’t have been a ufo. I’d much rather say I believe in them or I don’t know the origin of the craft than to make up some crap about how “the human eye can’t focus on light which sometimes makes it appear that stationary lights are performing extraordinary arial feets.”

occam’s razor to me would say leave the phenomena unexplained in that case, as it is the simplest explanation rather than make up some highly complex story like

The zorbians have come through the ninth interdimensional black hole from the ninth galaxy which is 85.6 parsecs away.

one too many sci fi novels marshall?

i find it perplexing that i make room for aliens in this universe but not g-d.
what about you

God! You know i never thought about it like that! I love you for sharing that perspective with me. Is it because we consider the possibility of aliens more statistically probable? Is it because aliens might exist somewhere between ourselves and God on a cosmic scale? Is it because we have seen many life forms but never any Gods? Or is there some other explanation which i haven’t considered?

I don’t read sci fi anymore, probably much to the chagrin of Gadfly and other posters here, although when i occaisonally watch TV i do watch the sci fi channel. I like the imaginative aspect of sci fi.

may i quote goethe (lthough its a bad example. but neverthesless, interesting analogy)

Well if something has no effect on our sense it’s kind of irrelevant. You could argue that god has an unacknowledge force on people but that again is kind of irrelevant if no one knows it exists.

Planets are a bad example by the way.

I have always believed in the idea of Aliens mainly because their existence is more interesting than their non-existence. Alot of sightings are aload of rubbish and are just attention seeking, but so many sightings have been made that one of them must be true, one out of the hundereds. I also agree that we cannot be the only planet in this infinate universe that has animals on it. There is also the idea that aids the virus is an alien as it started affecteing earth after a comet hit it. What I never understood is that scientists always state that something can only live with water but how do we know, there could be a thing that can live useing different gases, or even a thing that can live on the sun using heat energy like a plant does to live but because there is so much it dosnt need anything else except a few gases or something! If there are aliens I think that if they were as advanced as people predict they are then they would disguise them selves as… clouds for example, clouds that arnt detected on radars, clouds seen from earth monotoring us. There is also the theory of rods which i find very interesting, they seem to be small super fast aliens only captured on film that fly about monorating the earth.

If aliens existed on earth then they’d have to be like us or other life on earth or they would not be able to survive here. If they exist and survive here then they are like the life on earth so in my view what would be alien about them? Nothing! And if they can’t survive here, then we don’t have any aliens here and we can’t have any aliens here. So the question of aliens existing is really not worth thinking about I feel.

However, I feel that we live inside somebody’s body, it’s my theory. We are germs, harmless, but which can become harmful. That is why the issue of environmental friendliness arises or it would not exist. NOW, if this body inside which we reside in feels insecure in terms of our environmental friendliness, then it would conduct experiments, right? THAT could be one reason why some here on earth feel TOUCHED by God or some alien factor, like the schizophrenics do. But it’s hard to tell if schizophrenics are the germs being experimented upon to make the earth more environmentally friendly or if this has to do with God Himself.

In short, I believe that God also exists and we also live inside somebody’s body which is why our territory is defined and we can’t walk in space or go to the stars etc. Whatever…

Don’t let me shock you guys, just read my posts and forget about them. If you want to read the philosophy of the universe and life in points, just go to my website :smiley:

i enjoy ancient astronaut theories, i dont nessessarily believe them but i preach them because i hate creationism. as well as the theory of evolution i like to blame ancient astronauts for being the missing link. i only believe in aliens as other life forms not of this earth but i consider myself connected to all life in the universe.