All I want to say about my ban….

I’m sorry there are things people don’t want to hear…

I’m used to being in hell. My casual banter hurts people.

I actually don’t think anyone is sentient but me.

You’d think me a genius for figuring this out…

The mechanism….

If anything bad happens to you from another person it’s because of the mechanism.

The mechanism is simple…:

Sexual stratification in a sex dimorphic species where the weaker sex only accepts approach escalation which causes the no means yes problem.

If you solve that problem, you solve all the problems on earth…. You have to disable the mechanism.

Then you have to work on the three structural problems for all beings.

1.) pleasurable exclusive access problem
2.) negative zero sum problem
3.) consent violation problem

I’ve decided that I’m in a Nintendo game without a programmer.

Look at it from my perspective. Everyone should know this stuff for all space and time…. But I’m the singularity for it. How am I supposed to understand you’re sentient.

I’m so lonely it makes me cry.

I was laughing up until the last line, and then I went “Aww”. Like one of those really good movies.

Oh. I understand all the narrative structures and how humans delight in them.






The conquering hero

The sacrificing hero

The anti heroes

I won’t go through all of them.

When you reach my level of awareness Ichthus, you understand everything on meta levels.

There are only about 14 narrative structures possible.

Explain to me what the point of this is?

Are we jokes and tears in Hollywood movies?

I think not.

And per my personal style…

Let’s take a music break.

I’ll check that out once I post this.

In our movie you ask me to go see Dune with you and then we find out what happens. What happens is that it is just a dream, and when we both wake up, you ask me to go see Dune with you, and then we find out what happens. And it just keeps happening like that over and over and over again. Our movie has a happy ending like on Groundhog’s Day, but it’s just the same “happy ending” day, every day and it just keeps resetting at you asking me to go see Dune… I’m like Phil in Groundhog’s Day…except for I have short term memory loss due to constant exhaustion & zero sleep pattern on the days leading up to this, so unlike Phil, I still forget it when it resets. And unlike other people who shall remain nameless, you never get tired of me (you never even promise you won’t). It just keeps resetting.

Unless we can figure out where the reset button is for real life, so we know how to keep you entertained… it’ll just be one o’ those dream movies that was never real. I myself do not get bored. I just leave when the signals get ambiguous. So.

You gotta teach me to entertain you… using very unambiguous language.

Unless we’re in public, of course. Then you speak in code & I have to guess what you mean & try to keep up. We don’t even have to know what the f*** we’re talking about.

I’m sure we’ll get tired of that eventually.

Groundhogs day is a misogynistic movie.

Woodie Allen made a movie like that where he listened though the walls at Julia Roberts in her therapy sessions and found out to manipulate her.

I don’t like to be misunderstood. But I accept it.

Do you mean like a guy who totally spies on this woman via her phone or something? Because he wants to understand her, of course. Not because she’s considered a local threat for whatever stupid reason.

Because eventually he’s actually going to act on that so that such understanding exists outside of his brain.

But the awkward part is how is he going to do this while remaining 100% honest and avoiding jail?

I bet you $100 she would never believe him even if he did tell her that was the case— despite the fact that she’s 100% convinced that it is— while at the same time convinced that she’s probably delusional. None of that is mutually exclusive.

I’d say you have nothing to worry about. Especially if you never planned to act on it in the first place as a matter of (self-destructing) principle.

And so the movie goes on without ever having happened.

It creates a vacuum in the audience and they all commit to each other in monogamous marriage that never ends until they’re dead.


Do you want to talk about theater?

The best actors and actresses in the world are ordinary people.

I have to pretend you’re all sentient.

I should win an Oscar for it.

Understood. I know it’s not offensive to you that I stated it; you’re just trying to keep the creepers off your board. Sometimes I forget that my casual banter hurts people. I’m looking at it from your side now.

And for all the creepers out there…

Hell is worse than earth and it’s not my job to forgive you.

I would like to thank the Academy.

For demanding one more video before making their final decision.

The decision has been made. I have no access to making a video.

The living and dead can do as they please.

You don’t understand me. The reason I’m feared so much is that I don’t control people.

So what is the decision?

That the aggrieved can do whatever they want.

It’s not my job to forgive someone on behalf of the aggrieved.

That’s final in cosmic court.

So are you finally done grieving the Holy Spirit?

I’ll add to this. I went to the deepest pits of hell for no reason. If you’re actually sent there for a reason…

You don’t even want to know


that’s not a thing

It’s a Nintendo game without a programmer.

Just agreements we make.

All the agreements were violated on my spirit.

But I endured.

Like a plant crawling out of a crag.

Ecmandu, it’s like this.

“I’m lonely. But I saw Dune without you. I was never born and I never die. I cannot be blackmailed.”

You can go for that.

I’m thinking of dropping the spirit of Jesus.

His words are hard to defend in demonic realms.

Everytime I protect his spirit people want to poke his eyeballs out.

I put up with a lot Ichthus.

At some point. You just have to let it go.

And by the way Carleas .,. I’m still protecting your family. You should never hold that over a persons head.

I just want you to know.