all the possibilities in the world

Infinite possibility = infinite actuality

The only question now is, would infinite actuality be so scattered and non-unified that it makes no difference it exists. Like scattering an Oreo all around your yard, it has no use unless it’s a full edible Oreo. (Theoretically it could be eaten, if only it could be found…)

Would the infinite actuality be as scattered as the possibilities? Surely, we are not talking about a unified infinite actuality. (it could describe the infinite multiverse actually)

However, that may be looking at it from the wrong end of the stick. If the infinite possibilities were truly infinite, then the actuality would truly be infinite to. You could speculate, ‘who ate the Oreo this time?’…

I once thought the levels of possibility not to be levels at all, but relative point of views… what is the greatest possibility?

Perhaps that question is better asked as ‘what possibility has the most immense actuality’… If one possibility has an infinite actuality in itself then that is the gold of all possibilities.

ALL of the possibilities (this could get messy) - that arrive at infinite immensity… and that lends us to an infinite possible and infinite impossible… ah, I think you get the picture…

As we can see, I still have not found that Oreo, maybe it’s that supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy… or maybe my dog found it… :laughing:

You can always get more oreos from the store. I think that the idea of a supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy sucking in your oreo is probably a result of some improper speculation. It’s more likely that the dog ate it. But I’ve heard that dogs shouldn’t have chocolate. Is that true?

well if all possibilities are actualities wouldn’t that have to include the possibilities of both scattered and unified actualities?

Yes but only in causally isolated seperate possible worlds. You can’t have a logical contradiction like that. We stipulate things like identity and polarity and the like as being universal because that’s the best we can do in understanding. Everything can’t be scattered and unified in the same possible world, you have to seperate them.

oh, yeah, i wasn’t meaning to say that the same world can be both scattered and unified - just that scattered worlds and unified worlds would both be within the range of possibility. although it’s a little tricky, since the scatteredness doesn’t describe particular possibilities as such but an aspect of how possibilities manifest - so you’d have to have two levels of possibilities. although, even thermodynamics dictates that once in a while, order will spontaneously manifest in relatively small pockets…

Order is a result of stipulation. We stipulate identity, then from that all sorts of other things and develop systems by which most of our observations can be understood. Sometimes we observe things that make us have to revamp our systems. I dunno where I’m going with this really.

Infinity is an abstract concept which I cannot grasp at all.

place one mirror in front of you, one mirror in back of you, look at your reflection as it replicates into the distance, until no image can be seen. Infinity.

So infinity is just an affirmation of uncertainty?

if the image wants a final conclusive image, then yes. If the image can realize there is no image at the end, then no.

I know that’s confusing. But it only partly my fault.