All the world's a stage

I watched the democratic debates.

Other than Andrew Yang and his UBI, while they all come from different backgrounds, some working and middle class, some rich, some black and brown, some white, young, old, female, male, all the candidates sound virtually identical.

And you know they’re not going to deliver half of what they promise, and they’re not promising much.

And you know there’s a ton of fine print, stipulations and strings attached.

It’s not just democrats, it’s republicans too, they’re all virtually identical.

I didn’t, but I guess this is irrelevant for the point you attempt to make.

Maybe, if their backgrounds and milieus are heterogeneous, that should even be considered as positive, not only for the Democrats, but for politics as a whole. Nevertheless, I guess you maintain that this diversity is ininfluential in their platforms, ideas…
I think I get it. You are saying that while campaigning, if not always, in fact they never speak their mind and say what would be ‘true’. All of them would be ‘false prophets’.

I guess I agree.
My questions are: why’s that? how should that be, instead?
As for the latter, even if an alternative is seemingly conceivable, in fact it has never been viable. One would tend to see this form of posturing as congenital to Democracy, but I believe that’s wrong. Democracy is quite inclined to mass manipulation, leading people to believe that what they are told is what they think, but as for lying itself it has no specific claim to it (actually, Western Democracy, as we know it. is possibly as ‘morally honest’ as it gets). Instead, higher forms of life have always exerted power through posturing and deception - and. actually, I think that’s one reason why there were ‘higher forms’ of life. Indeed, the world is a stage and the political power a main character on it. And that could be also the answer to the question “why is that”, though it doesn’t really go deep down the rabbit’s hole.

That is it, and will always be the modus operandi of everything politically human. Leadership pertains to representation, from uncategorically way up from tribal dominance. The infant’s mirror describes a deficiency and a supplement admiration and adherence to the formative-progressive paradigmn.

You are the salt of the earth, give Ceasar his due.

Socialism’s demise has attributable complicity in the failure of united workers. Everyone wants to be rich, but everyone can not be. Brother will cast.out competition, it is in the blood, in the genes.

Socialism is, lastly ineffectual , it deprived , deprives, basic drives.
It deprives incentive, and causes atrophy, marksmanship. We all aim high to hit the mark.
All revolutionaries want to be the new authority to control and subjugate.

This is playing as.the devil’s advocate, as will will function , if we survive the day, where absolute simulation, can recreate a multitude of universal realities, where in all the newly inhabited worlds, Everyone can at least feel rich.

That is present here on earth, right now, and that is why meditation offered a way out from drugs, except here, the esoteric world quickly split: between the adept and the beginner from It’s opposite, it’s contrary.
Aue Contraire, the silent creeper into the heart of men, invites dissent, where what is proclaimed is the opposite of it’s intent. It is merely a forbearance of how things will be, a short cut few could see, therefore it’s politically harmless. It’s neo-kantiasim at it’s best and worst.

Of course the fewer choices we have, the less democracy, candidates should dramatically vary, even within the same party.
If all candidates in your party sound virtually identical, than this is an illusion of choice, just have one candidate.

That is what predictions of modern political economy dictate.
That Democracy will eventually convert to dictatorships.

While absolute economic equality is both impossible and undesirable, extreme disparities in wealth lead to extreme disparities in power, which in turn lead to more extreme disparities.
However, if the people wake up, reject the two party dictatorship and begin forming, joining, running as and voting for 3rd parties and independents who’ll take our wealth and freedoms back from big business and big government, we may be able to turn things around before it’s too late and bloody revolution is necessary.