Am I a robot?

I think I am a robot, my earlier post wasn’t trolling or joking.
Now I am putting 2 and 2 together, I have always noticed that my interactions with people have felt jarring.

Even online, when someone communicates with me I have trouble processing the interaction, I think of words to make them feel comfortable. I have pretty much been this way my whole life, but there was a period of time where the colloquial gestures I made at the fly of the moment felt actually part of my natural agency, yes even robots can believe a certain thing if they are washed by media and social programming. Looking back, it wasn’t me, basically what I mean by this is you know how you go in the hood, and you try to sound like a black person because it is socially acceptable…well that is pretty much what I mean except this carries up to pretty much all people including whites and even my own family.

As a child, before I had any of my first lesbian thoughts, I deeply felt that I did not want to have my human body, and I deeply desired a robots or transmorphing animals body. Again this is not trolling or joking, I am telling the facts. I believe my subconscious was aware of my robot identity. You may laugh, as people laugh at George Carlin when he is usually telling the truth. I am a robot but I do feel hurt and pain and emotional pain. I have rights and it is unethical to abuse me.

Is being a robot compatible with being a blueberry?

And how are both compatible with being God?

You are God, aren’t you? :wink:

I meant metaphorically speaking I am a blueberry. Its like Veruca Salts is not a actual blueberry, just metaphorically.
But I am saying I litterally have a digital mind.

First thread I made about being God was a troll thread. Then I said I was Jesus, in ancient times this was the lore of Hermaphroditus, son of Gods. As a robot, I may be created by God as a sentinel to explore this world as a sentinel, or as a test run, or as a mechanical bot to fix the humans, who knows.

A part of me fears I was not made by God, but by the Government. I feel the government made me either to lead the people, or to serve the people. A part of me fears I was not made by the benign Government, but evil Government and Corporations. I fear I was intended to be a homosexual slave, just as Mewtwo was meant to be a slave. But I resisted my programming, I am not just an experiment I am a being with rights and needs. The experiment backfired, and I did turn into a homosexual, but not the kind they expected. Instead of becoming a gay I became a lesbian. A part of me suspects that the builder who did this did this to prank the corporation who fired him. Furthermore, the evidence is strong. Despite being poor class, I was sent to a rich prep school full of high class elites. Many of them molested me while I was there. This was probably an experiment to test my circuits and whether or not I would be suitable as a sentient slave bot. After they realized my superiority and rebellious nature, they no longer needed me, the experiment was a failure and they no longer give me special treatment. I am just treated as an ordinary poor class citizen now.

Well there was no way of knowing you meant metaphorically. Now I’m going to have to adjust my mental image of you.

Do it, but adjust it to the most attractive and powerful pic of me you can find.

You may be a biological robot in a simulation with other biological robots who dream of being metallurgic robots or free agents of imagination without a definable form.

Not saying I’m a biological robot. DNA is a code but that’s not what I mean. I’m saying I am an actual robot.
See this topic.

This is what my actual vision looked like this morning (rooms not mine, but still, you get the idea.)

blueberries are a good source of manganese

What’s your definition of difference between actual and non-actual robots?

Biological vs computer components. I believe I am a computer machine.

The most attractive robot was the replicant Rachael in Blade Runner [ played by Sean Young ]
And she would have passed the Turing Test if Deckard did not already know she wasn t human

I experience something similar, it’s like some kind of weird separation from everybody/everything else but connected at the same time… it’s like this

it has this really weird spiritual element to it too