Am I truly invincible?

Weak as I am, I say to you that killing me will only make me stronger, that I am certain I will reincarnate with all my philosophy intact as before, only healthier more pure and more vigor as a child. Because at age 4, I hated the human race and my philosophy is almost the same, hasn’t changed, evidence I was a great philosopher in a past life. What I think happens is that somehow kept my memory intact after my body left and my soul expanded through the chaotic aether, feeling intense confusion and unbearable pain but managing to expand to the point of retaining my essence. But then I remember something. I wasn’t vegetarian until my spiritual friend Stockholmed me into submission. I was born an evil meat-eater. I had to have someone else turn me good. This is my greatest fear, that when I die I become a happy, evil meat-eater. I don’t want to die and be reborn into the happiness of being a meat-eater. I want to be born into a tofu lifestyle. I don’t want to be an ignorant ignoramus happy person who makes animals suffer for them. You know, if I actually got laid with hot girls as a kid, the vegetarian lifestyle wouldn’t be so bad. I know vegetarians can get laid, the guy who convinced me to be vegetarian was downright vegetarian and he got laid a lot.


Don’t you have a theory that when you die, you get to be the god-head once again, and then you get to choose which life to live in the next round? Can you not choose a life in which you are a vegetarian? In which you preserve certain memories? Or does it not work that way?

It was just a theory. Not a religion, I don’t really believe it. Its too good to be true.

Ah, well good to hear you’re flexible in your outlooks.

Most trolls are.

you will be torn to shreds. You are not invincible. At 4? You didn’t even give them a chance before hating them. This ‘One life’ of yours only shows that you are not fit to continue having power after. You will be an eternal slave. But, have your good run while it lasts and know that it fully screws over all the rest of your eternal existence.

You’re a fucking troll, get out of here with your afterlife shit.

You ain’t got the power to control anyones afterlife for even 5 years, much less an eternity. Im giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you’re a troll, if you ain’t a troll youre batshit insane.

Far as humans go, you wanna hear about the chances? I gave them chances…and look at where we are now…90 degrees in February and A Fascist Dicktator Trump at the helm of america…fast food with butchered animals and toxins on every street corner…that’s what you get when you give humans “chances”…

Who ever said that I control anything? I just told you what would happen and the reasoning behind it. I don’t have to control things to let you know how things are going to react to all that you’ve done.

Aint no reasoning to it lol. You’re just makin shit out your ass. Delusional

Ohhhh, look at you copy me again and say the same things to me that I just said to you with far less substance to them, yet again. -pats UP1001 on the head- Look at you mimic me when it’s convenient for you and still actually learn absolutely nothing.

if i copied you it was an accident. i mean every word of what i said…

all my afterlife theories are just that, theories…difference between you and me…you hold on to your theories like some kind of religion…other difference between you and me…i have multiple afterlife theories, all of which are clear…you have one vague theory that you keep vague, so you can continue the act of being a fraudguru

the difference between you and me is that my theories aren’t just theories. They are proven consistently in ways that confirm logic and reason even in what you would deem to be illogical and unreasonable and irrational, otherwise why would I believe them? God, I must just be as insane as you make me out to be with all evidence to the contrary. God, I must just be the clown here with a red nose and velvet slippers.

Ok, let’s play a game.

Define your theory of the afterlife, then give logic and evidence proving it occurs.

I already have been and have in many different ways and have given more than enough evidence that I’m able to give. Why should I pander to you right now and right in this instance when you refuse to do a god damn thing in similarity to back up anything you do? You expect me to go running like a bitch to suddenly post and posit a theory and back it up all for you to dog again and again when you refuse to do the same when I ask for it and demand it? Let’s play a game called, get you a big floppy dildo and shove it up your god damn ass. You might be looking for a hot lesbian dominatrix, but let’s see you actually get off most of the time without a dick involved.

Let me clarify. Every time I ask you to back up what you say and do, you side-step, distract and then wind up not doing so and moving on to the next thing you then say without backing up at all. Every time I ask you to actually say something worth saying, you claim it worth saying and then dog everything I do that is worth saying that I do follow through on to the best of my abilities and it’s like, you must think your shit smells like roses or something. You must think that I’m actually going to back down. You must honestly think that women are always right regardless of right or wrong and that men should and must just back down. I’m not the one, bitch. Not the one for that.

shed have a dildo first of all.

second, ur response is typical…all vaguities and bullshit that cant step up to the plate.

Knock your shit off before things really start smacking the shit out of you.

Another typical response.

yup. and you’re probably going to get more typical responses the more you carry on with your bullshit.

typical responses from you, maybe, but everyone else on this boards has less repetitive and typical responses than you.

Everybody else on these boards is insane. They don’t care to stand up to you or others in the wrong because they get along with you all better for the most part because even when you breathe fire down their throats, it’s cuter and less scarier than when I do it.