America needs HATE if it is to survive

Americans are being killed and slaughtered, while enemies foreign and domestic laugh at the American people.

Tonight I read in the news that the Waukesha Mayor offered ‘sympathy’ to his citizens…

But Americans and Waukesha residents don’t want or need sympathy, what we need is Antipathy, we need to hate those who hate us.

Americans need to defend themselves against those killing us right now.

Or America will not survive. Sometimes you need Hate, to live, to survive.

Go take a nap dude.


This is just one view. I’ve seen the full video of the actual whole incident, where about 50 people, including children are destroyed and pulverized. Child fatalities reported already.

America needs to band-together yesterday and hunt these dogs, terrorists down, and all who support them.

Meanwhile smears laughs and dances,

And prom tells me to “calm down”.

No fuckin way I’m going to calm down, nor should any red-blooded American.

Imagine if this is your 4-year-old daughter:


Well, given all of the natural disasters that have killed thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans down through the years, maybe God hates America too.

And shouldn’t you at least hold off here until you find out the motives of the driver? After all, what if it turns out that he or she is a fulminating fanatic religious zealot like you?

What if he or she is another crazed inhabitant of Trumpworld?!

and once again we see UR begging for, demanding violence
and hate…Recall, that UR isn’t an American, he doesn’t care if this
country burns down the ground, he doesn’t care and in face strokes off
on a possible race/class warfare in America…while he sits in
his native country and laughs at us… safe and sound in his native country…

reject the right-wing agenda of warfare and violence…
I have seen the right-wing call for killing the left and then
stacking them like cordwood… all while being protected by
the another bogus “self-defense” claim like Rittenhouse did…
bring a gun to the fight then shoot them down in cold blood…

Is that the America you want to see?

class warfare and violence that benefits nobody, all the while
clowns like UR and Observe laugh at us from whatever
country they live in… stop allowing non-American’s dictating
how America’s act and react to events within America…

no matter what UR and Observe says, violence isn’t the answer…
for all violence begats is more violence and then more violence
nothing good ever comes out of violence…and nothing good can come
out of UR call for violence… especially coming from a non-American…


Kropotkin, you are one of the top offenders, and doubtlessly jumped for joy on hearing the news of this massacre of innocent Americans and children celebrating a Christmas parade.

You should be included in the retribution.

Stop lying to yourself, you hate America, which you prove in every post on this forum.

Everybody on this forum should recognize that America is under attack, by foreign enemies, but especially by domestic enemies, who will doubtlessly, ruthlessly, and unhesitant murder and kill American citizens, deprive Americans of the Bill of Rights. Obviously, Kropotkin is a top offender, smears, piguous, and there are many other Marxist parasites and cancer cells on this forum.

They hate America, and want us dead, and when we retaliate they will accuse us of their hate.

This needs to be reversed. America needs to stand up now. The terror they wish to wreak upon us, that they have already begun, deserves done to them tenfold.

Not eye for an eye.

An eye for ten eyes.

On the other hand…

You can run from my points sure, but, as God knows, you can’t hide.

“as God knows”

The blasphemer speaks, as if you know a thing about God?

The perpetrator is a BLM terrorist, and assuredly, kin to you, Anti-American scum.

Why do you bother, Biggs? Look at the quality of the people you have been reduced down to toying with. Is it because there are no other forums? Would u like me to go find one for u?

Fuck all of you who defend the perpetrator.

I don’t defend anybody but myself. And I dunno what to tell you, private Pyle. As long as you have a society divided by political parties and classes, these problems will exist… and exist at greater and greater frequency.

they’re paying for it, now you eat it.

I am very aware you care only for yourself prom.

But there are many Americans still alive, who can imagine that SUV swerving into their 4-year-old daughter.

Knowing you, you’d probably shove your own daughter out of the way to save yourself.

Meanwhile smears is behind the wheel, piguous and Kropotkin in the back seats, cheering him on.

Takes a while for the news to filter through to the UK… (where I live :slight_smile: ) We like to know something about the people we are being instructed to hate.

What do we know about the perpetrator? If we are to defend him we’ll need to know something about him/her. You write as though you know him/her - his/her history.

What can you tell us about the perpetrator, Urwrongx1000? :-k

What do you think caused him/her to act in such a fashion?

Well I would never have children, see, because there are already countless foster children who have no families. We take care of them first before we go creating more. taps forehead

Besides, even with foster children, you wouldn’t find me and my family anywhere near a christmas parade.

He is a BLM Advocate, recently released from jail, who has stated online his rage and hatred against white people.

It was purely intentional, and retaliation for the Rittenhouse verdict, which is why smears came running to the forum jumping with joy.

You only need to scrape the internet to find the information… I go to uncensored sites, reddit, 4chan,, anything off maintstream.

Mainstream categorized the child-deaths as “pediatric hospitalizations”, to pervert the reality on the alphabet news channels.

Get off the mainstream.

Thank you. Perhaps you can provide me with some links to the factual information?