American Society

I havent the time here to make my post because it will take time. So i will start the discussion with a general open ended question that will point you to where im heading with out giving or asking for legnth or any assisting data or information to help you understand it. all comes with time

Do others agree that Americans even within their polical system live there lives in anarchy? As an american I state that there are no social codes. We are living in an era in which the populas is not confined. There is no fudal, romantic, or honor codes to live by. Are we living in a counter reaction to those codes?

Sorry I had more time than I thought, This should get the conversation started if it compares at all to the other discussions on society in america.

Okay Ill Refine/define

It is my view point as a american and as a student of the past, that america is in a state of social Anarchy.

America does not have any social codes. No imposing rules. Even dress codes today are lax. and yet we bitch and moan about a suit. Exp Weddings, Relgious activities. But outside of fashion we have things such as honor. Why has such a great empire thrown off all forms of honor?

Notice that gangs and criminal’s are treated as hero’s in the media as long as they exist by their own set of rigid moral codes. Exp Sopranos, Godfather.

I know what you mean and I’d blame capitalism for it but it would mostly be because I can’t think of any other reasons at the time. I don’t know why violence sells. It may have something to do with primal emotions but that coupled with the amount of entertainment trying to get money stoop to ever lower levels to get money and create a cycle of gradual deconstruction.

Our social system is based on a fear of punishment but money and fame can get you out of most jams. And even then the punishments aren’t nearly as harsh as they should be to keep people from doing things. I really don’t feel comfortable in knowing that after I’m dead that my attacker will be put in jail. That means absolutely nothing to me. Most of the punishments issued don’t even make sense. People who commit really bad crimes end up getting a stupid punishment.

I think another part of the equation is that there is no excitement in life so people go out looking for it or starting it. Excitement at its most brutal state would be some sports but you get hurt in sports. Watching movies and tv the heros always win. In sports there is a chance that the other person may win. Even video games are funny. People take them seriously and get sucked into the illusion the game creates. Then when faced with a human opponent they get all frustrated and violent and funny.

I don’t think enough people know defeat. They keep going for a variety of really dumb reasons and don’t realize the reality of death until they get shot in face. And the fact that people can continue to convince themselves that they are always right is probably part of it. I don’t know if other countries have the same problem. But never being wrong gets kind of annoying when I’m actually always wrong.

I belive there is nothing judging right from wrong. Thats why you are seeing those who do not know defeat. With out any form of moral codes that are followed by the entire society we do not know wrong from right. The last moral codes were written long ago. Now we rely on Laws which are not all the time moral. Infact stealing for bread is moral but it is illegal.

Actually, no, stealing for bread is in fact immoral.

I do not think America is in a state of social anarchy. I was back there a few years ago and, I’m pretty sure, I accidently bumped into a person. He turned around and said, “Excuse me.” You have no idea how shocking I found this, I could only nod my head (a very rude thing to do actually). Americans have a distaste for codified, stated rules perhaps but are completely blind to the ones they actually obey.

That’s exactly what I think too Brad. I think that perhaps you mistake the idea that they have no formal code with the idea that they have NO code BluTGI. In fact you could view their constitution as a code in itself. Also their money worship, or “American Dream”, gives rise to a social code as well, much like a feudal system.