An argument against materialism

Randomness is the only option available for a materialist when it comes to decision. That is true since decision is uncaused cause and material process is deterministic. The experience of wanting is after decision is made (following Libet’s experiment) therefore they are different unrelated phenomena. We however observe fantastic correlation between what we consciously want and what we get. Therefore materialism is wrong (because you cannot expect a random change always correlates with conscious want).

Cannot grasp your argument.
One point is you cannot include an ‘uncaused cause’ in your premise without first proving it exists as real.

Berkeley had argued against materialism [philosophical] quite effectively.
The only flaw [the second part] in his argument is he relied on God to ground the ultimate, i.e. the mind of God.

Kant provided a more effective argument against materialism without relying on a mind of God.

What is materialism?

No problem. We can work it together. Just let me know when you lack understanding.

By uncaused cause I mean that a random event is not part of a chain of causality. Quantum fluctuation for example.