An Erroneous Theory That Lasted 2,000 Years

Aristotle believed all matter was composed of four elements that ultimately gave them their respected compositions. Science proves today that he is wrong, but what does sacred geometry tell us? Let’s find out…

If you continue the pattern of placing the subsequent square's corners on the preceding square's sides using the understanding of sacred geometry perhaps it can enlighten us on the inner working of the universe.

The larger square's uppermost corner is corner 0 so refer to it as C0


The larger square's leftmost corner is corner 1 so refer to it as C1


Get it yet?

So if I refer to the 90 degree angle corners in the center of the line of C0 and C1 I get C4

So if I was to refer to Corner 8 that corner would be comprised of fire, air, earth, which thus makes hot and dry which follows into "GOD IF I KNOW, I would say that describes a desert or a barren wasteland." The idea of this thread is for us to refer to each corner of understanding of the universe until we reach 15 and then I will show you guys something you might find surprising. OR SO SCARY YOU'LL WISH YOU NEVER SAW IT [b]EVER![/b]

What is needed is definite understandings of FIRE EARTH WATER AIR 
If we see this as a flow of matter and energy then the harmony can be understood.
And if we see matter as a flow of forces then the mysteries can be unlocked.

Oh and the real fun is corner -1 and beyond. IT REALLY HURTS lol
You might need this for help.

Fire air earth would to me also describe a desert, water, wet, cold would describe ice etc then fire hot air wet water would equal steam as would hot air wet. I suppose rire earth water would be like Icelands hot boiling mud pools etc. not sure if this means anything, we could possibly add metal and other attributes to get the periodic table, though I doubt if it would make sense chemically?
I always found the periodic table to be un-elegant, I feel it in my bones that a better pattern can be found by reclassifying it all with something external.

Now I want to see the scary stuff! :smiley:

What’s corner -1? Are you adding ether or something?

Lol You’ll see the scary stuff. In do time, but for now we have 7 or 8 more cornerstones to go.

Here’s another hint for anyone who wants to try. Imagine Fire as a flow of matter, energy, and forces, but also an understanding. Think Elements then Properties.

SO I thought it was worth noting how the sun travels hot heat through the air by warming the wet moisture which makes it rain and cool down the earth which soaks up the water til it dries it all out.


Fire air water earth fire earth water air fire air water earth fire earth water air fire air water earth fire
fire earth water air fire air water earth fire earth water air fire air water earth fire earth water air FIRE

Does that tell us anything mysterious, or is it just a description of the cyclicity?

perhaps i the universe there is an accordance of some sort
like a flowing nature of energies that follows the cycle and I am thinking like some sacred geometry it might be fractal