An I Love Philosophy Gathering ?

lou, it sounds like we’re in with beardy man. we fill both criteria. he does sound very interesting.

and yes, i think the exciteable beardy man from royal holloway should be number one on every list of invitations ever written from now on.

But we can find something adventurous to do in the middle of nowhere surely. Lots of things can happen that aren’t even in an interesting place!

i’d go to the middle of nowhere for a beardy man convention. it’d be grand.

well, i could alwys not shave for a couple of days beforehand…

you pulled a beardy man once didn’t you lou? hehe

i forgot about that. didn’t really count, as he was far from learned. i think he worked in some sort of bmx shop. clever boy…

heh heh heh … i’d forgotten that you well fancied the beardy classics teacher from KGS, lou. still makes me laugh a LOT. and that he turned out to be the singer in a death metal band. aaaaaaaah hahahaha.

does anyone have any more stories regarding my exploits with beardy men?

Ahhh, real-life is A-1 SUPAR

ang ang ang :laughing: