An I Love Philosophy Gathering ?


The idea of an official meeting of members of has been mentioned to me a few times before. I’d like to see what the general consensus this is. Is it a good idea? Is it a realistic one, where would be the best place to hold it? What would we do?

Personally I think it would be a brilliant opportunity! Most of the people on the forums live in and around London (sorry to those who do not), so London somewhere would probably be the best place. Because of the nature of the site it would seem sensible to do something that would allow us to all chat. Maybe sitting in a park in london with some lunch or a pub maybe?

With regards to when, I think after the A-level exams would be the only realistic time when everyone will be free. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated!


Your idea of a lunch sounds good but a pub might be difficult in as far as getting lots of people in.

Why not have a picnic type thing where everyone brings something and you all share pick n’ mix style. You can always send off a few once you have all met to get drinks and anything that you dont have. You could even take your guitar and have a singsong (can you see where i’m going ? :wink: )

Anyway just an idea hope you are ok and revising hard- I have realised for the first time that it is so much nicer going into an exam actually knowing the stuff you are about to be tested on!

take care


well, having had plenty of experience at this kind of thing as ben can confirm, i would say that it’s pretty unlikely that there will be a very large amount of people attending

i know, why don’t we organise to do it on a day that clarice works, like last time? (ie. saturday) that’d be fun. then she won’t have to come.

I’d come, and i like the idea of a picnic. And clarice, just tell your boss you’ve contracted something contagious, like plague.

i would go but london is so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away

macca, where is your middle of nowhere?

i’d go. would you mind me bringing with my karl popper friend, who used to be a philosphy proffesor in new zealand. he’s a bit old, but he does have a big wise beard and a fine mind.

how would flamin’red jj get there, all the way from wisconsin?

I love the idea of the park ‘outing’. I am a fairly new member but have found this atmosphere much better than some other experiences.

i like wise beardy men. they’re great.

i’d come along if i could. it would be a bit of a trek but if it was during the college holidays i could make the pilgrimage. especially for some park antics. and bearded old men?! wow

ooh, we could get excitable beardy man from royal holloway. i’m sure he’d love to come.

Umm, the bearded old man that Dorien Gray was talking about is actually a clean shaven young man who pretends to be a bearded old man. Sorry to burst your bubble, but i didn’t want you to get your hopes up.

fuck that then - i’m not going if everyone’s clean shaven

Hiren, you fucker. For a start, Dorian Gray mentioned no-one. As far as this website is concerned, he is dead, though he is still alive, young etc. And who is this clean-shaven young man who pretends to be bearded you’re talking about. If you thought I was referring to you, then you’re right, the bearded man is not bearded, but you. My bearded man is a mad family friend who lives across the road spending his time being a wealthy amateur scholar. He studied sociology at Cambridge for 9 years before he was chucked out for undermining the SPS penpushers. He’s very nice. And he has more facial hair than all of us put together. He also likes young white girls. He divorced his 20yrs. wife last year.

Oh shit, i do apologise. I thought you meant flamin’. I just re-read your post and it’s clear you did’nt. I retract my original post. Sorry.

JJ Maclean (Flamin’Red to his friends) is indeed a fictional character.
He does not exist.
He has worn a beard in the past, but now he merely has stubble.

But I’m sure that if he did exist, then he would pay a considerable sum to fly from Black Rock Falls (a small district of Milwaukee) Wisconsin to spend time with the delightful people from the philosophy website.

Why does it matter who a person is if he speaks from the heart?
Does it make my views any less valid?

At least I dont hide behind any pretence in my language.

Leo, does your bearded friend’s beard compare to Wilson’s demure but overpowering bush? And do you reckon you could persuade Sarfaraz to come?

pangloss - the middle of nowhere is suffolk.

i share your pain in regards to living nowhere important. i claim its nottingham (i have a right my postal area is notts!) but really i live in the deepest darkest area of derbyshire. the sheep rumours are true regarding most people around here as well :frowning:

hey i prefer it out here to a city. we have proper trees, decent views and good air. but there isn’t much happening :unamused: