An imaginable solution to all philosophical dualities

First, the shape of the universe: it is spherical. It is a hypersphere. You can only picture this by analogy: as a line is to a circle, and as a flat disc is to a sphere, so too is a solid ball (the continuous interior of a sphere) to a hypersphere.

But for the sake of simplicity, let’s imagine the universe in 1 dimension, that is, as a circle.

We must now fill this simplified universe with matter…

To do that, imagine a guitar with strings whose lengths are exactly the circumference of the universe. There are countless strings on this guitar (millions, billions, nay… garillions!).

Now, imagine that a giant hand has strummed all of the strings.

Those at the lower end oscillate so very slowly and with such large displacements that they appear to be stationary (like the most flexible rubber bands you can imagine). On the other end are strings of such high tension (like the strongest steel), so that they oscillate very rapidly and with very small displacements, the result being that they appear to be flat lines. In the middle are strings with some noticeable frequency as well as displacement.

Now, imagine that these vibrating strings are mere waveforms, without any matter to get in the way. Imagine that you can bend the fretboard into the necessary circular shape, and smush all of the strings together so that a singular, chaotic universal waveform comes into focus.

Even though they have been smushed together, each individual circular string (i.e., philosophical atom) is free to independently rotate about its center (which is also the same point as the center of every other string).

The only law of this universe is for its composite waveform to be kept as smooth as possible.

I humbly submit that the picture I’ve just drawn for you, done in three dimensions, with the appropriate 3D waveforms (that is, the “atomic orbitals” of everyday chemistry), at the appropriate frequencies and maximum displacements, is the best imaginable map (see the map legend below) for the deepest reality of a universe like ours.

Please understand that there is nothing representational about any of this. In other words, there is nothing outside of this chaotic, primordial stew of ethereal waves that must be added (like quantum numbers that represent mysterious “forces”) in order to exactly reproduce our everyday reality.


The strings on the very low end are the realm of gravity

The strings on the very high end are the realm of point-like particles, i.e., electrons and quarks, and of electrical discharge and nuclear explosiveness.

The strings in the middle are the realm of the everyday atoms of chemistry, and also of light and heat.

You might imply that the harmonic application to calculate a mean average of all universal processes is an inadequate hypothetical to this re presentation,but the other end of the modular scale, where vibrations are of higher frequency, ironically , string theory are inapplicable as of yet, : those subsequent levels but mere simulacra?

I counter propose that since the solution was/is unimaginable at that stage , how can it somehow that. verify that displacement?

Certainly, relativity can only raise that state to a quamtum level of immediacy? Or a phenomologocal bracketing inadequate to. furnish a. primary hypothetical state of arguable temporal tranacendemce?

Will a unified field. theory be ever be available, except in relation to meanimg theory based on a probabalistic matrix?

Such that presently exists on the duality on the quantum level between
particles and waves?

Yes, it will. I mean it has. That was it. It’s not about the probabilities of finding “particles” via some ghostly entity called a wavefunction. It’s about the intuitive presentation of a self-consistent picture of reality built out of the notions of standing-waves, a universal space of a hyperspherical form, and a common sense application of the second law of thermodynamics (which mandates that entropy be maximized), i.e., the idea that the smoothness of the composite universal waveform must always be maximized.

No wave/particle duality here. There ain’t nothing but waves as far as the eye can see. The question of how waves can manifest as solids from out of this picture is another thing entirely…

Bit the eyes eyes cam only see up to a horizon. Beyond that?
An undetermined state of projecting beyond that a hypothetical continuation of the same, where there in fact, different rules may apply?

Some.folks still in the belief that the earth is.flat, and the horizon is really the limits imposed by mother nature.

How do we really know of our thinking do not determine our being? How do we really know that god is not really an evil genius, who is supposed to have died

In which case mother nature cam fxxx itself and we are , the. new men. who are the new gods?

What if the intention waa to see the horizon as limitless? What difference is there to suppose that a lengthy life free of illness is nothing more than giving the healers a better quality of life?

Does death really exist?

Sounds rave stuff, because it wouldn’t be proper to call out all the connective points

Eliminating duality is like flatllining reality, into maximum entropy.

Quite the opposite in this case, seeing as the universe now exists as a bunch of standing-waves, each one constantly having to adjust itself to the state of the eternal flux of every other one.

Here, the entropy maximizing law (i.e., the law of maximum smoothness) is a never-ending “struggle” rather than a teleological end point that can ever be finally reached.

So the maximum smoothness or end point is a matter of probable construct, rather then an actual goal, as I understand You.

This minute difference could be exemplified by the age old example of the angels dancing on the top of a pin, sustaining a nom differentials difference.

But that works from basic assumptions vastly different, which, may be not Your goal to exemplify.

ANF here, Your goal corresponds to a very vast majority of thinkers. Or maybe I’m missing a lot of links along this way of thinking.

Probability doesn’t really have anything to do with it. This is a massively chaotic — or non-deterministic — scenario. Modern theoretical physicists speak of the probabilities of whether some underlying deterministic reality will show itself in one way or in another. After all, determining things is what they pay physicists to do.

In any real world physical scenario (e.g., involving our bodies) there are many degrees of freedom, which combined do not leave us with the feeling that there is ultimately any kind of determinism or simple notion of calculable probabilistics at work. It is only when extreme amounts of idealization are involved — such as what mathematicians and physical theorists do for a living — that these concepts come into play.

So, I would say that freedom or sheer unpredictability is the much more relevant factor in this picture of the universe than anything having to do with determination or prediction.

Of course, very many thinkers are trying to resolve philosophical dualities. That really seems to be the point of philosophy: overcoming dualities like matter vs form, mind vs body, subject vs object, etc.

Yes I am aware of the chaos. Now as an example where am exception seems to at least being up the possibility of am interaction , the famois two slit example come a to mind, where there appears a change in probability as to where the most elections will go. I do not recall the particulars, and I. On the run, and would like to introduce this as am unsolved X into the equation.

I am not.going to extend this focus into intelligent design, but this particular , granted very unique result seems to imply some kind of diversice sub atomic behavior. Meanwhile i will do some exploration as to what this may imply, although it has been a while .

If anyone wants to jump in here so we can discuss about how this intuitive, wave-based picture of the universe might solve all philosophical dualities, I’m all ears!