An interactive tool.

:laughing: :laughing:

Play with your cursor and you can control his journey!

A nice bit of stress release Bess. I like watching his face as I smash him against the balls over and over and over… :evilfun:

It would be better if they had a terminal velocity script so that on that big falls… he really gets moving :smiley:

Cool link… I posted it a while ago

Balls are touching!

I never thought I’d say this but I could watch Bush rub against white balls all day!

Anyone see the subliminal green man?


No, tell me, is he like hidden in the background or what?

Oh, btw, I started timing his descent by letting him fall and not interfering. My record is 2.00 minutes.

Hi Monkey,

I knew I had seen this here, but it was so long ago that I thought it would be fun to see again. Lay him on his back and keep him still. His labored breathing kinda makes my day.


Do tell!

km and benny,

I have a great idea. Now you both know what a techno idiot I am, but why don’t you put faces of our members superimposed on the face of George, so when someone misbehaves - they get “BALLED.” I imagine I would be forced to send some kind of photo in then. Given the chance to get balled on a regular basis, I may insist on being permanently affixed. :laughing:

Here is a photo of me ---->just like angel.


another Bessy favorite: :laughing: :laughing:

So true. :laughing:

I don’t know how many times I’ve had my heart ripped out, skin torn off, head bitten off, shot in the heart or stabbged in the eye for simply asking a young lady if she spat or swallowed.

Women are such cruel animals. :cry:

nice ankles bess :wink:

As the image is loading there is an image of a green man. It might just be the structure behind the image…to me it seems obvious.


Its a game? not a tool? sheez and here I thought there was a way to get some easy interaction satisfaction. I can’t download easy. dialup sucks.
I wholeheartedly aprove of interactive tools :smiley: they can be educational and fun :sunglasses:

Shot (that’s street saffer for thank you) for giving me the opportunity to post a self portrait Bessy.



The tool is the person falling, silly girl.


Ok I tried to do it but it, it does not work for me and enabling or disabling settings on this tool can cause my ear to ache.
I get your tool reference though :slight_smile:

There’s more fun where that came from!


Stop being so sensitive. You told me you thought it was funny, remember? Actually, I like the one with you in the leaves.

I look better after my coffee. I look a little tired here. :laughing:

What are you on about Bessy? What sensitive?


It was a language difference. I think maybe you didn’t mean that I took a “shot” at you? I hope not.

I did try to explain that shot means thank you where I’m from. In London there is an antipodean (Ausie (Australian), Kiwi [New Zealand] and South African) community and South Africans are known as Saffers. I’m sorry, I didn’t explain myself properly. But shot is a real South African street word. No-one really knows why we say shot but we do. It means thank you.