Ancestral Memory

There’s a lot of emphasis today on genes, but I’m talking about something different.
Say a child’s mother had a lot of bad experiences in her life, althou the same principles would apply if she had a lot of good experiences.
Say she was beaten, raped, grew up in war torn, poverty stricken country.
These hard times might produce certain chemicals, hormones and toxins in her, certain energies, patterns and vibrations even, and some of them might be passed onto her child in the womb, forming its brain in ways that’ll give the child a cynical bent, make it weary of certain people, places or things as the child grows up and gets out into the world, independently of how the genes are telling its brain to grow, and regardless of whether the child’s upbringing was negative or positive.
His mother in turn might’ve been affected by her parents, and her parents by their parents, and so on down the line, so the child is indirectly affected by the experiences of dozens, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of generations, but the further you go back in time you go, the more subtle and fainter their experiences impact him, so he’s mostly affected by more recent experiences of his kin.
It’s an interesting hypothesis, I’m sure there’s some truth to it, I wonder how it could be tested?

Makes total sense to me. Our genes affect our life experiences and our life experiences affect our genes.

EDIT - Carl Jung’s “archetypes” are a related idea to your hypothesis.

This sounds like epigenetics, where a person’s experiences affect their gene expression, and those patterns of gene expression can be passed down on to their offspring (and beyond).


Please excuse my half formed post - I will be back to offer something more in line with the original post - I will be offering something more in line with the energies you speak of - for the time being I have something to moderately contrast the original post - an extra dimension if you will. Just a little food for thought.

There’s a lot of confined emphasis today on genes, it is refreshing to see that you are talking about something different.

Yes indeed - you are on to something here. For a start - scientifically the information passed down to layman neglects to mention a couple of things - one of which is that genes are to be dealt with in terms of “systems of genes” - not singular genes.

Mathematically(binary switching):

0a + 1b + 0c + 0d as a system becomes different when the system is changed to 0a + 1b + 0c + 1d

“d” has been switched on.

With the potential for each person to have different “systems of genes” to their ancestors - this gets blown out really quickly.

We have all noticed the peculiar things that happen from generation to generation and geneticists are confined in their field of knowledge unable to properly explain anything else but what they are doing - so when a geneticist jumps out of their confine and make claims they are indeed jumping out of their own depth leading to false claims.

I have to agree with you on your time factor. Certain energies, patterns and vibrations all play into the above simple mathematics that can be blown out extremely quickly. The patterns are of particular interest to me as they are synonymous to the systems - it is just a different way of looking at it. The patterns overlap and are not linear - the linearity becomes multidimensional.

It is much more than an interesting hypothesis and I am totally certain there is some truth to it - testing it on the other hand would depend on how one was to go about thinking about it in the first place. I will add that it is so much more complex than just the genes themselves.


I ask that you keep in mind: I will be offering something more in line with the energies you speak of.