I had her once. We laughed, danced,
clasped hands - her: thoughtfulness materialized;
me: contentness of the daydreamer.
She rarely left my side. She existed as the moon, hovering above, guiding my night,
a silk string through my chest, attached to my spine. She’s the
reflections of my breath in the brisk mornings,
afternoon ripples in the pond round me,
at night we were one: potentiality -
and there is nothing so grand. Yet because
of her beauty
and the possibility of who she could be, it struck
fear in my heart, rage in my loins, tremors in my spine
because she is the silhouette of God,
and I, of animal.
So I beat her, ravaged her, threw her rags and shaved her head.
I threatened to expose her, and she, in turn,
threatened to expose me. And she existed, like a parasite,
eating away at the person I’d convinced others I was
and in a rage
I banished her, forever, and now
she’s appeared elsewhere, arm wrapped round another man, who
parades round me, with ambition but lacking honesty.
“I have Anidea,” he says.
“I want her back,” I say.
But she is gone. She could adapt,
exist without me, be found by others through different paths, and I’m content
to stand here, alone, in my dark house, staring out the window at the land
lit by the moon.
We all get Anidea at one point or another.
The slutt.
It just matters how we treat her.

I like this one, reading it I had a strange shiver in the stomach. did you intend to make a comparison between the girl and the parasite, or is it supposed to ba a materialised reality in your piece of writing?

oh, and I like ‘the potentiality of who she could be’, and
’ I beat her’ on top of that. kind of rhapsodically exciting.

Anidea sounds like an insect/bug family…

Hmm … thanks for your comments, lenore. But to answer some of your questions, look more closely at the name of the girl, and you’ll find there is no girl at all. :wink:

very well done. i liked

Mr Carmello has much talent. Could we see more?

Sure, I got something else I can post probably tomorrow.

And Orthodude, I read a couple of your posts already, and I must agree, Scarlett Johansenn …

that says it all. (Though I think it might just be the character she played in Translation, cause she didn’t seem to “glow” as much when I seen her on Letterman …)