Animalism, Earthism

In as far as meritable regulations on capital go: I propose that we radically increase the price of meat.
Perhaps ration it so that people can only eat meat three times a week unless they are prepared to pay dearly for it.

We need to reduce meat consumption because the soy planted to feed the fucking cows is the death of the rainforests, to say it in a nutshell.
This all separately of animal suffering.

Profits need to be sustained, otherwise we have chaos, socialism and its automatic mass death and anti-intellectual plague. So just make it all expensive.
“Normal” people dont need meat. People dont need meat. Whole peoples of massively strong Africans eat nothing but rye porridge.

Meat is the best, I need my steaks, but I can easily do a few days without.

Behold the freemarket capitalist :laughing:

Most of this shit can get fixed through less regulation. Like pharmaceuticals, where they label a pill $1000 because they know the end consumer will only pay 10, the other 910 coming from all the toll booths along the fucked up regulation highway. And where does the money to pay the toll booths come from?

Let’s save ourselves an encyclopedia. From taxes.

I strongly believe that if you’re going to regulate or subsidize or intervene in something, it must always and with strict observance be a purely self serving thing. It’s clean. Like in Venezuela they give you free gasoline. If they ended all the regulation that is supposed to achieve something fair or productive and just left that self-evidently self-serving one, Venezuela would become a financial superpower in weeks.

Regulating things with clear objectives and to try to somehow make things better on purpose is like trying to hold a column of dry sand with your hands.

Power is self-serving. Only thus does it provide benefit to anyone.

You said on another thread that capitalists do it for the glory, you didn’t really say that but sort of.

Yes, but also for the bitches.

I don’t like the plan to jack up the price of meat.

By the way, the entire world is about to go broke. … andbasket/

This guy hates Trump, but his beyond strict diligence in research gets him an indulgence.

Not the least of the reasons why it is going broke, hidden mega bubbles like the health care industry, and others, which remain hidden only because they A) are “well meaning,” protected by the muscly thug that is self-righteousness and B) are paid for by obscure government funds, so nobody realises that central banks can’t raise rates because all the liquidity is draining into the fucked up vortex that is a $1000 pill or a highway that reflects back the sun or who knows what the fuck. All the money is tied up. You have to hold big pharma stocks because if you don’t you lose money, but the big pharma companies make money from government, from taxes, who make money from consumers and companies… you see the loop. It is not made up money, you can’t make up money. It is tied up money. Could go to actual productive places instead of stagnant buro-vortexes.

The cost is fucking inmense. So you “fix” the problem of hard-to-afford-health-care (and other righteous causes) by bankrupting the world. Sure, we all got surgery for a while. But um.

Well, you get it.

I haven’t read the first intelligent, high-powered financial mind saying anything other than that central banks can basically never again stop the financial easing. in other words, it is now accepted that states must sustain the financial markets. The obvious problem is that the money doesn’t come from nowhere, and the moment something happens to the market, well, you can’t ease when you are already in full easing mode.

I forgive Trump when he calls for this state of affairs, because he actually wants to invest the bonanza in structurally strengthening the position of the US (which, need I remind you, is the world’s central bank). It’s not his fault anyway.

It’s these regulation thirsty fucking elitist numbnuts who think people that talk about the real world are just resentful rednecks who need to be given healthcare for free though because… Well, because I gotta be able to feel good about existing thanks to the back breaking of 90% of the planet, I guess. Not feel bad about those unproductive university years. Make actual producers pay them for living.

Oil is being hit super hard because all these oil giants are now having to invest in unproductive “green” (ehemredehem) energy projects. Do you know how much money depends on fucking oil? Pension funds? Government funds? Companies?

It’s like requiring that Michael Jordan wear iron shoes because he’s an asshole to the rest of the team and if he stops being an asshole the Bulls will win more.

Ideas. Ideas hiding reality and money trails.

Good bye German economy, sweet dreams, happy trails. At least Trump’s “isolationism” (which is funny, as actual isolationists exist and he is not one, he is just an "isolate ourselves from the retard socialists) is likely to help the US be among the least hard hit, retain its dominance whatever happens. Even though he will be blamed and probably thrown in jail. He probably read “if.”

Anyway, I sound more hysterical than I actually am.

People like MR. Reasonable will always make out alright, as they believe more with their minds and wallets than their misled hearts. That’s why I am incapable of losing faith. Gangsters don’t let up.

Add to that that Donald J Trump is piloting the USA ship at this crucial juncture, we’re gonna be alright as a species.

I saw it all in a vision. Gangstas will inherit the Earth.

Why won’t the market result in meat prices increasing by itself?
Can it only be selectively trusted to do what is best?
If not in respect of meat, why anything else?

The only way to know would be to let the market try. I can tell you from my own experience, whenever I have encountered unregulated markets there has been an eery accuracy in prices juuust between what is profitable and what is worth paying.

But hey, you challenged Jakob the other day. I now challenge you: do some research into just how many regulations affect meat prices.

My guess? Regions that produce a lot of meat would have cheaper meat, farther away it would be more of a luxury. That’s how it works with cocaine, anyway.

These forests ain’t being cut down without much incentive that is well outside of people competing to buy and sell meat.

His point was that Jakob is calling for regulation and this might not fit with his positions elsewhere. If regulation because the rainforest is so important - a position lefties, you know, those idiotic cowardly scum - are much more likely to hold, what other regulation of free markets might also be moral. What’s the rule? If he holds that, why just with meat and just with considered to rainforests? Why not with other things that affect us or the well-being of the planet. Sillouette on this point has no onus. He is asking a really rather obvious question.

And really… good for Jakob for opening the door. He could have not said this, not been potentially accused of hypocrisy and not had a task to work on. But for whatever reasons this merely looks similar to lefty motivations, but really is not, and he will show this, or it is similar and then why does he close the door to others.

Your beef, :smiley: , so to speak, might be with Jakob on this one.

The world can only go broke if someone else has all the money, perhaps Mars.

We can either redistribute money from the top back to the bottom or the banks will have to print more money. Take your pick.

They can always ease. The BOJ and SNB are buying stocks, and so will the Fed and ECB. Eventually, the governments will own the market. The SNB is major shareholder in Apple and Apple backs the Swiss Franc.

Because fracking added supply and because the USD is getting stronger. Oil is priced in USD.

Green energy = triple the efficiency of fossil fuel.

Lemme guess… you’ll either run and hide (behind a green tree) or unleash the ad homs.

Prove me wrong. Defend your position.

Thank you, Karpel.

I was expecting from him, however, the standard pro-capitalist argument that things like meat prices are how they are because of government regulation, in spite of the market.
I ask therefore, how it is known that it is regulation rather than market that is the cause of only the bad things such as low meat prices, and not the cause of other good things for which the free market is unquestioningly praised?

Yes it’s true that my logos, ethos and pathos are aligned more away from Capitalism than towards it, as somebody who attempts to follow the scientific method I perpetually hold this position open to further evidence and reasoning. This is why I pose questions rather than telling other people how they think as Jakob has been doing lately. I come at least this far with no onus.

I’m not even saying that there should be one blanket rule for everything when it comes to the market - it might be the case that the market is perfect for everything except meat prices…

All in see is socialists jumping to object to an idea about regulation. All I can see is liars and hypocrites with no trace of a heart.

I’ve given up on the godless scum here. I’m just here to express my views, which are always relevant. Because I do have a heart.

All you see. Yes, as is my point.

Okay, so as I suspected you’re just here to vent. Fair enough, that’s your right.

I have no doubt you have a heart, by the way. That much is obvious.

“The world can only go broke if someone else has all the money, perhaps Mars.”


These are the guys on your side, Mr. Reasonable.

Holey Guacamole.

“Green energy = triple the efficiency of fossil fuel.”

I need a drink…

“They can always ease. The BOJ and SNB are buying stocks, and so will the Fed and ECB. Eventually, the governments will own the market. The SNB is major shareholder in Apple and Apple backs the Swiss Franc.”

Japanese central bank assets are currently around 300% of Japan’s GDP. The ECB’s assets are approaching 100% of Europe’s.

The Fed is at a still staggering 20% or so.

I know you don’t know what the fuck that means or implies, but the information is not necessarily meant for you.

Looks like concession to me.


Why does it scare you?

From Seeking Alpha’s morning briefing:

Upending the industry? The Trump administration is reaching out to the medical industry for feedback on requiring hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers to publicly disclose the heretofore confidential prices they charge insurers for services. Needless to say, health insurers, hospitals and most doctors will most certainly push back on the proposal. The public comment period will close Friday, May 3.

That’s what fixing a problem, instead of trying to make the state go broke by hiding stupid inefficient buro-vortexes behind ideas and self-righteousness (universal healthcare) looks like.

First you pull a bit at the knot, test the looser strings. Get a feel for how tangled it is.