[Anime] - Serial Expermient Lain - a must see show!!!

serial experiments lain is a animation from japan that deals with deep philosphy that deals with conceptions of reality,god, the possible collective
unconsciousness, and many other topics. This seris truly blew me away. It’s uses of colors and surreal etheral drawings, non-linear sequence of events and lack of narration sets up a scene that allows for deeper thinking and helps make you realize how reality is not concrete. questiones are not answered in this show rather the show opens up more questions that can be applied to the real world. This series is so good in the philosophy department that it cant truly be reviwed it must be expierenced.

Hello musings,
I took the liberty of adding the title Serial Experiment Lain into the title of the post. In the future when doing reviews please tell us what you’re reviewing and the media type as expressed in the rules.

Though I do agree, Lain is an amazing achievement in animation. I second this recomendation.

Man, I have so many different animes to watch.

Yes… yes you do. Slacker.