Annoying cat.

So I have this cat and she is driving me crazy. I am trying to understand feline psychology. She keeps mooing and hawing, it’s so annoying.

She will eat half her food and before she is half done she will beg for more, like a kid who’s asking for seconds before they even finished a meal. It doesnt even make sense, because it is literally the exact same thing she has on her plate, and it is no fresher than the food on her plate.

It seems she has no logic to her water drinking either. I will give her water on a bowl and she will refuse to drink it. Her water preference seems to depend on what arbitrary bowl aesthetics she desires at the moment. For instance, if I give her a clear bowl, she will get tired of it and would rather drink from a different colored but exactly the same shape bowl, like she has OCD. There is no rationality behind anything she does, she even drinks bacteria infested water when I give her the option of filtered water and even let her know it is safe when I show her I drink it.

More annoying though, is her hemming and hawking to go outside. She will nag me to go outside, then I open the door, and she just stands there and decides to change her mind, letting all of the cold air out. Then she will wait ten minutes and wake me up and then irritate me again, then change her mind after she lets all the cold air out. Then the third time she will finally decide to go outside, after she has wasted much of my time and heat energy. It is extremely irritating.

How do I maximise the effeciency of my cat?

Sounds to me like you need to upgrade its DNA.

Sounds like a ‘touché’ moment to me…

Trixiebelle… isn’t it a cat’s nature to annoy? If you leave the food and water there long enough, long after your cat has scoffed at them, he will eventually eat and drink from them come hunger time :wink: … all-wrong/

Magsj is right, let me add that the cat may be doing these things in order to be more social with you. It does not know it is annoying you. It is just doing a learned behavior that you helped teach it. If you cannot handle the cat, find it a good loving home.

You maximize her efficiency by loving her as she is.

We are only supposed to take on pets if we are mentally able to, so yes… rehoming the cat is an option for you to consider if the cat’s ways are still annoying to you.

Same goes for plants and children… we are not supposed to have them unless we are in the right mental place to look after and care for them.

How’s it going with the feline?

Thanks to global warming it is not annoying me anymore. When she decides to make me leave the door open for no reason other than to look outside, the heat loss is not that detrimental.

Annoyance seems to be a needed component to the joy of relationships, without it it becomes boring and leads to self-absorption. Still annoyed at her sadistic behavoirs, like biting me for no reason, but again, without those there is less tension, and with too little tension there it may lull into a calm.

As for global warming, one of these days I will compiile a list of statistics to prove once and for all whether it is true or not. If global warming is deemed to be true, I will then research further to discern whether the cause is manmade or nonmanmade. Trouble is, these peasants of old didn’t keep much records of the weather, to my knowledge, so maybe someone could send me an arcane database of ancient weather records?

As for the advice of giving it another home, life is a grab bag of random cats. My cat is a stray who can fend for herself. If it is up to you, why dont you find a random stray cat and give it a home. Possible theory is that cat develops sentience in proximity to another sentient, which is potentially the reason for the biblical story warning not to kill pet pigs, which may have been written due to subconscious awarenesse-es on part of the author.

I do my part, and give her food and water, not my fault if she behaves in an irrational manner and refuses to drink from certain colored bowls. I am keeping the cat.

Just take the cat to a taxidermist and get it done up really nice. Then you can still pet it and look at it, but it won’t make those noises anymore or take shits or pee on things or require any food or water. You can probably get on ebay and just order one, then just throw away the one you have now.


So it’s wrong to stuff a cat but it’s ok to spend billions coming up with new and innovative ways to scorch the earth upon which your fellow man stands, destroying hospitals and schools and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in order to steal resources and then justify it with scare tactics about religion and what not?

People don’t have their priorities in order.
It becomes obvious when people buy things in the free market.

We need pepsi, smokes, porn, games, phones, etc.
And places like africa can wait.

Yeah but we don’t need cats.

Just how did you did you make that leap

Can you be sure about that? Maybe it’s just the case that, under you influence, the cat has ended up as screwed up as you are.


Just by looking at the world.

Sure but, the way you began that, it seemed to imply I am out there condoning and helping do all of it.

Are you?