Anyone Who Likes Silent Film, Help Needed!

Can you, please, recommend some silent films you liked.

The thing is, I love film, and I only very recently watched Nosferatu, which I loved, beyond loved, I was, in fact, enraptured by it.(there’s kind of a barometer)
I had seen a few clips of The Kid and some Buster Keaton stuff, which was great, but never a full feature. So, if you can recommend something you enjoyed, then I will be humbly and much appreciative.
Also, any silhouette films, anything silent.

Sorry to bother any of you, and your all too showing, charitable natures.

Can’t stand trawling through mediocre film to get to the gold, so give me a solution, please, and thank you in advance.

I grew up on those films as a kid (guess I’m showing my age here) - try any films with the Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Christopher Lee, Bella Legosi…

I saw a good Chaplin movie, I think it was called City Lights. Remarkably funny, and with good social commentary.

The Railrodder