I have no attachmets, no commitments, investments, nothing at stake and nothing to lose. If I were to die tomorrow, few would notice or care. I’m a spectator in life, I prefer to observe things from the sidelines, watching others make mistakes so I don’t have to. I’m a minimalist, I have few friends, few belongings and possessions, and no prospects, nothing on the horizon. Some days I dream of killing myself or others, but the majority of the time, I feel nothing, no highs, no lows, and I like it this way. Most of my time I spend from behind a computer screen, writing or reading something. I enjoy analyzing people, places, playing around with words and ideas, I’m an idea, understanding life is sufficient for, I don’t care to live it.

Whoever built the world, forgot to include a solid foundation, our lives are hung on nothing, just as the world is hung on nothing. There is no solidity in places and things, existence is fluid, dynamic, nothing is permanent and everything has a season, its time in the limelight, before it returns to the abyss, back from whence it came. There is no objective meaning or purpse, the world moves in ways completely indifferent to human flesh and sorrow, there is no magic, no logic, no heavenly father or mother, no psychic abilities, transcendental morality and teleology, all of the aforementioned are desparate, futile attempts to anthropomorphise a cruel, cold, callous and indifferent universe.

How do you know?

Maybe you should be an Author.

I don’t, I am a retard.

Well if you are, you’re a retard with and interesting opinion.

This is very poetic, in a darkly nihilistic kind of way. Like something I might have written awhile ago. You might be interested in a thread I’m currently running: meaning ex nihilo. Also, hey.

Though, oddly, so many people enjoy, or think they do, a life like this. Some manage to carry this out in direct social interactions also.

A counter-perspective, for what its worth: Whatever amounts to the universe is its solid foundation. Our lives are supported by it and support the furthering of whatever it is. Since there are no objects, there are only forces, and since a force can not be an object, it must be an action. An action originates in what we call a will, a passion, an aim. An aim requires a value. A value requires a standard. Thus the world is hung on standards, and all things, places and beings result from such standards. Absence of standards in a subject seals the subject off from the world, its necessities and possibilities, its ground, and disables the subject from perceiving the world otherwise than void, cold, empty and indifferent.

Total apathy is a very lonely life. I am more selective in my apathy in that I like my cake where I want to eat it too.

I am not satisfied with just being a observer.

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