application of herbal food

I’ve read part of the pdf “eat to live”.
Anyone whom wants a copy I can easily send it to you.

In part of this book, it explains how there are hundreds of chemicals and materials inside plants which have yet to be discovered, and their health benefits are yet to be learned of in any finer detail.

So this spawns the ideas in me of herbal food and how to go about it.

I know that pine and spruce needles as tea or as the bark extract is high in anti oxidants.
That is a tree that is everywhere in canada and guys can make tea from the branches for free.

The most vitamins and protein exist in green leafy foods, such as kale, spinach and lettuce for example.
I know that the properties and virtues of plants vary from one to the next, but I’m willing to bet that the green needles and leafs of trees have at least a portion of what the super foods have, the leafy green foods.

So I go by color. Each day we should have tea and raw portions of the green plants.
The darker green I assume is best.
Next we should eat some of the red and blue plants each day also.
The white milky sap from dandelion root or milk thistle is good for our liver and digestion.
Potatoes are rather nutrient lacking, they are the wrong kind of white. Starchy white. The good white is in the roots of certain plants.
So we need some white as well. Yellow is good too, and orange. Fruits can provide for this.

A small amount of each herb is ideal.
The wider the variety the better.
Unlike pharma drugs, plants are food. Overdose is harder, not as dangerous, less toxic, etc. in almost every case.

I plan to live by this idea soon, I have some items for it already.
I want to have a small dose of almost every kind of medical herb i can find.

I really wish this whole health food thing was a simpler picture.

If Hitler was promoting Nazism by recommending a set of foods that really were the healthiest available but ultimately caused an economic dependency upon Nazism, would you promote those foods?

…not a simple decision.

The Vegetarian and Vegan diets are basically that same kind of situation, “using something actually good in the present to ultimately force something extremely bad for the future”.

I don’t see the harm in it.

That’s what makes it so insidious. What you didn’t see coming is the only thing that kills you.

There are laws against genetically modifying animals, as well as strong public sentiment. But genetically modifying vegetables, patenting them, and destroying all alternatives (by quite a variety of means) is quite legal and allowed. Of course, once the population doesn’t really have any choice in what they eat, they “become what they eat” and are fed accordingly. If you want people to behave differently or perhaps less of them, merely control their food source. That is what we do to insects, isn’t it? To the people running the show, you are no more than an insect.

I thought at first you were suggesting herbal food is secretly evil/unhealthy or something along those lines.
Now you explain that food can be controlled in a bad way.
I think in allot of ways it already is. Maybe not on purpose, but when I look at the restaurant corporations in Canada they serve allot of non healthy food by custom. And this is Canada. So it seems even some of the finest nations are susceptible to wrong eating.
I’m also against GMO.

GMOs, androids, and nano-bots are the future.
Who needs all of those jobless people, animals, and insects?
You need Asimo (to clean up those high tech catastrophes), but for how long is Asimo going to need you?

I bought some pomegranate juice, and when i went home, i drank some and looked at the results.
The main reason I bought it is because it is dark purple. Dark purple is a healing color. Purple lettuce would probably have similar effects.
Getting rid of artery plaque is no joke. I think everybody should drink this juice. … medies.htm

Aloe of the right kind can accelerate healing and the immune system’s strength.
There are many different kinds of aloes. I read that only 4 are medicinal, i disagree.
I believe that it also has been effecting my mood. I get a little buzz from it. I’m drinking like 3x what it recommends for now.
I think the majority of the plant’s medical qualities are still unknown.

If you looked in different medicinals, you would get different long lists of Aloe’s effects. I also get emotional and cognitive effects from medicines - herbal, over the counter, whatever - that are not supposed to have them. I am pretty sensitive.
One thing you should know: If I remember right you are on psychotopic medications. Some herbs will affect the effects of those medications. Increasing the effects, removing them, changing them…etc. I Think there are some online guides where you can check interactions, but obviously they don’t know all of them.

I just phoned my pharmacy today. Genseng and chloryphill are ok. But the aloe vera had to go.

Dan~ Before you start taking any herbs and supplements. Please go get a blood workup.
You need to find your deficiencies , overages and what is right. You need to understand symptoms, amounts and reactions. People jump on the herbal wagon and screw themselves up. Certain plants can cause medications to not work or worse. If you have too much of a mineral or vitamin taking supplements for it will screw you up. So if you can save money up to get tested first, learn what your body actually needs.

And just what makes you think they will actually tell him anything useful?

Because he paid them for a specific job.
They will be able to explain the results. If he suspects fraud he can take the results to another.
Its a useful test for things like this.

If you want to get the most out of a herbal remedy and get maximum results, you should detox first. You can take any herbal supplement along with a normal diet but the results will be affected by what ever you already have in your system. The toxins in your system can completely negate any good that you might receive from a herbal supplement.
A couple of years back, I was in India and went on a detox program. - Minimal amount of food. Only vegetables and grains. Vast quantities of water. Lots of exercise. Meditation. Yoga. Plenty of sleep. Ayurvedic Herbal supplements… After 1 week I was tired and hungry. After 2 weeks I felt amazing! Totallly recharged and felt strong and light. Even felt a little ‘high’! :slight_smile: If you can consult a medicinal herbalist or an Ayurvedic practicioner, I would totally recommend that.
In the meantime, try and find Tulsi either as a tea or in tablet form. It’s a sacred miracle herb that they use for just about everything in India. Very good at balancing your system. It helps your body to help itself :slight_smile:


The suggestion of Peterpan is not a bad one but make sure that you find a adviser who has the real knowledge of Ayurveda. Otherwise things may be worsen.

If you do not have any such source then keep it simple.

Try it only if you health is normal, not in any state of illness or complication.

First of all, you must get rid of your previous habits of eating. You have to break the system once.

The best and simplest way of doing it to stop taking anything but milk only. You can have some tea or coffee if you like but not much. Stick to pure lukewarm milk and curd only for some days. Milk a complete food and anyone can survive on it for years without any problem.

Actually, this should be done for 40 days. In those days, your body will become free from most of the previously stored bad deposits and you will feel very light and healthy too. Now, you can start afresh.

Now, stick to simple food like grains, vagetables, pulses and milk. Avoid cheese and cream in dairy products, junk foods and non-veg too, if possible. Human body is not meant for having non-veg. It always put extra burden on it.
And, always eat slightly less that your body demands. That will always keep you healthy.

It is a myth that non-veg food is tastier than the ved one. Find the Thai and Indian veg recipies. Believe me, you will forget eating non-veg.

I will give you an example how simple it could be.

Take some potatos. Peal and cut those into 1 cm thick slices. Heat a pan and put one or two spoons of oil. Lay the slice potatos in the pan. Now sprinkle salt, a lot of coriander powder, red or black pepper and some dry mango power on it. Flip the slices and repeat the same for the other side. Now put the lid on and wait till the dark brown crest appears. Do the same for the other side. It will take roughly 5 min for one side. It is ready. You can even sprinkle some cumin power on it if you like.

For the sauce, put one onion, some cubs of garlic, two tomatos, some ginger, one sliced raw mango, 3-4 green chillies and some salt in the blender. Add some olive oil if you like and blend it. And, your sauce is ready.

Now, heat some breads in the same pan as the bread will soak all oil and flavour. Apply this sauce on the bread and put one or two slice of cooked poatato between the two breads and your meal is ready.

You can make a lot of variations of this very simple process.

with love,

I’m not taking any vitamines. Vitamines in pill form are refined and unnatural. It’s much better to just eat allot of green leafies.
My idea or theory of application also requires I only take small amounts of any herb.
I’m talking about the food level herbs, not the harsh stuff.

That sounds good.
If I can’t buy Tulsi at the health food store, i can always get it online.
I’ll ask my pharmacy first though.
Thanks for telling me about your experience.

@ zinnat13

I don’t plan on fasting but I am trying to have a mostly veg diet recently.

LOL My friend read it again. I was refering to what is in your body, not pills. Finding your deficient and over and just right vitamins and minerals is important. Food grade is fine but, is it giving you what you need or is it giving too much. Our bodies are not the same. We cannot follow blindly what works for someone else, its unhealthy.

Finding that out via a blood test?
I can only get that in over a month from now when I see my doctor again.

So do it then. Why not?