Hey mods, Arc just got in touch with me and has somehow locked herself out. Wrong password a couple of times is the probable problem. She left a message for you guys but, no response yet. Help please. Thanks

She was likely banned. It happens alot, without warning, for no apparent reason. Did she recently post in any of Only Humean or Magsj’s sections? This is usually the cause. There is absolutely nothing she could of done to prevented this.

You or I would be banned way before Arc.

Your assuming they have to go through a process of identification of traits of a unappealing nature, and from this, organize a consensus to ban. They appear to do it purely off of an whim.

Banning someone is the ultimate form of Ad Hominem Attack, and is hard to justify, especially if in response to another, lesser ad hominem. Its a cycle of inept violence that makes no sense… so don’t go around trying to apply standards or reasoning to this. She is victim 847, and every explanation as to justify why is little more than meaningless apophenia.

Arc is not banned (as though it needed saying), and I got her message. Thanks for the heads up, Kris.

Emmm… no. Not at this site.

As much as I abhor bad moderating and presumptuous judging, I have found very little “no excuse banning” here (none in fact). The reasons might not always be just, but to say that they just suddenly ban someone without any notice or reasoning, is either getting ridiculous or proclaiming that they are FAR more clever about it than I see. Granted I am not omniscient, but then again, neither are they omnipotent.

Hell, Carleas would have banned me years ago if he didn’t feel an urge to be just to at least a minimal degree. I certainly tempted him.

:laughing: I wasn’t banned, CN. But i did learn a little bit more about myself - I have to become a bit more flexible at times.
Then to top it all off, I was locked out of my yahoo account. Trying to get back in there and proving you are who you say you are is almost like fighting city hall. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the universe is trying to send me a message. But I do know better.

Victim?: I choose not to consider myself one. When we feel that we’re victimized, we usually want to lash out and try to victimize others. The thing to do? - become the Phoenix.

Thanks Carleas. It took me awhile before I got your message but that wasn’t your fault - it was mine and yahoo’s.
By the way, good luck - though not much of that is needed but a lot of time and energy…

Arc :bow-yellow:

In your dreams. :evilfun:

I ban the least out of all the mods, you dick.

That hurt my feelings, I’m reporting you to Satyr.

Magsj, I must say that is true.
But, i would not say that it is the wisest thing to do all the times for any mod/authority.

[b]Not exercising one’s authority at the right moment and in the right way also is not the lesser mistake than exercising one’s authority at the wrong time and in the wrong way too. The only exception is allowed when it comes stictly to point when the judge is not sure about the accused in either way. Only then, the accused may be given the benifit of the doubt. That is how it should be.

Being fair simply means being fair and right in judgement all the time, not being liberal or ignoring lesser crimes/mistakes.[/b]

And Magsj, i am saying this keeping you or any other mod in the mind but in general.

with love,

That is true and i must say that the moderation at ILP is better than its many counterparts.
The only objection i have that ILP does not care much about the civility in the language and allows many such terms/words which should not be allowed in philosophy.

Perhaps, the reason is that majority of its members are from US, where such words have been become the essential part of public discourse, thus this phenomenon does not pinch in their eyes.

with love,

What terms/words would you have stopped?

Dick, asshole, what a fuck, fucking argument, bitch, whores etc.

I think that is enough.

with love,

You know I didn’t mean it really :wink:

Sanjay, those are fairly mild.
What would you substitute?
Also do keep in mind the masks humans wear.

Have you thought about how this relates to you mind thread in the psychology department, sanjay? If we were to do a unfortunate thing, and cut out cursing, we would lose the apparatus in the mind that governs cursing, and the segway it allows to other forms of rhetoric, and therefor other forms of logic never easily approached using more mundane, off topic, yet polite forms of speech.

Take the accidental ass licking quote… where did it lead? It lead to deadlock by the very user who posted it, causing him to give up and reassert himself more indepth in another thread… the entire two threads were designed to elicit a certain kind of response, presented by user A to user B, but user B counterintuitively wholly accepted everything at face value, user A couldn’t adapt and turned inwards for a explanation and justification.

Look at the very meaning of the title for that thread you quoted from, and see how it evolved in the next thread he continued in… it ironically was fulfilled, on his end. We never would of hit this level of catharsis and honesty had we stuck to orthodox use of syllogisms.

And there is no underlining dharma for moderators, other than spambots. It’s what they make of it, and the population. If this was a childrens website… yes, as protection of children is valued, but protecting philosophers from dialectics is usually unwise… though even I could see exceptions being made, case by case… if it ceased being philosophical and turned into pure trauma.

The rhetorical forms are not fixed in the west, and there isn’t a overvalued, sacrosant core to debate. Many tried to institute them… church enforced orthodoxy, academics logical fallacies, the courts an impersonal empiricism… but nothing really dominates, each has obvious weaknesses, and we collectively rip at them. It’s because, we know they aren’t full systems, and have a largely bullshit basis when evading others forms of thought, affirming itself without justification.


That is exactly what i was saying.
Ideally, what should be considered as indecent and vulgar, is defined as fairly mild by you.

See. Enviornment has been changed the definitions.

And, you know the substitute. It is obvious and quite simple to implement but it would attract a lot of resistence.
Habits die hard, whether good or bad.

with love,