Are sexes equal?My point of view.

Are sexes equal?My point of view.

IN sum: its an idiotic question…

Please don’t pollute this thread with idiocies, I will attempt a proper evaluation.

I think we have near equal value, different strengths and weaknesses, should have equal rights.
The difference is mostly cultural.
Gender rolls are cultural.

True philosophy would never say gender roles are cultural; true philosophy deals with absolutes when they are present, for example in philosophical induction, and when they are absent, then you simply elaborate and speculate without providing answers of any kind and never feign unsubstantiated, fools certainty; answers for such questions and topics are for politicians and looney cretins.

I did not mean to call you a looney spook, sorry if it sounded that way…I assure you this lack of taste in my reply is due to the strain masses of badly raised loonies and charlatans wiping their asses off with philosophy put on my patience and not with any personal hostility or innuendos!!! I look forward to hearing from you!!!