are there any liberals who aren't gay?

Why are cucks and liberals always selected to be narrators of things, and why do all of them sound gay and queer?

I go on the phone to ATT, guy starts talking to me on the other line, I start to fall in love, I say why am i falling in love with this guy, could not even tell if he was gay. But sounded the same as a cucklib.

Att wants to charge me 455$ for internet, a load of jewry in the world.

Yes but is he a time machine?
Can you tell?

Is he encircled by it (time)?, or-
Is he encircling it?

What does that have to do with whether he is a

Pretend u are a traveler through the ether of time
with plathera of duration, and come before sphinx.
And have to answer the above to PASS, what would or could you say, or if not;

Think: of the consequences.