Are We Losing Our Goodness

My intention is to defeat evil. First of all I must defeat the evil in myself as best I can. Next I need the ability to locate and defeat the evil in others. I would also like others to locate and defeat the evil in me. We need to keep ourselves from becoming evil. We need to find out what is causing us to lose the goodness in ourselves. We cannot live our lives alone. We cannot allow ourselves or others to take away the goodness from our lives. We must declare war against that which is taking the goodness from our lives. It is a personal war and also a collective war. It is a war against ignorance. It is not a war against life and limb.

We are not born evil. Babies are not evil. We become that way. Events happen to us that take our goodness away. We get hurt. We get betrayed. We get deceived. Our freedoms are taken away. We lose our trust for our cult-ure. We learn we can get what we want by deceiving others. We learn we can get what we want by controlling others. We learn we can get what we want by harming others. We become the evil that hurt us in the first place. This vicious circle can be stopped. This evil is not acceptable in us and it is not acceptable in others. It can be stopped by confronting it in ourselves and others. It will fight back. I became willing to do anything to defeat it in myself and others. None of us should be allowed to do evil to ourselves and others. It is about how we treat ourselves and others.

Evil is about punishing or depriving others in various ways. Evil hurts us. We must hurt it back. It will not be stopped in any other way that I know of. Evil must be punished. Once it is stopped it will no longer corrupt our children into evil adults. We are not obligated to fight this war. It is our choice. Most people will not even be aware of what is going on. They are already under control. They have already lost their freedom to be themselves. They are already ruled by evil. Hopefully they wake up someday and declare war on the deception of evil. All we need to do to defeat evil is become willing to speak the truth to the deception. This is easier said than done. For example; why do we have a disagreement about global warming being caused by humans? Why do we have so many religions that all say they are the true way? Why do we believe in Gods and religions that create evil instead of stopping it?

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I have to disagree with the idea that we are losing our goodness, mostly because I do not feel our species had a whole of of goodness to begin with, whenever you decide the beginning of our goodness was. I spend a fair amount of time following current news and past events, there seems to me no difference between the two aside from the date and the means.

Also, I suspect that your idea of ‘evil’ and ‘goodness’ varies greatly with mine.

defeat something which does not exist? a truly hilarious quest!

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