Are Women Always Bad Political Leaders?

Who is best?

  • Thatcher
  • Catherine the Great
  • Merkel
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Should they stick to private enterprise, management, etc? Im all for women up top but I seem to see only gross failure in the hands of women politicians. They sometimes seem like tough nannies economically but the societies they preside over seem to collapse wholesale.

Two possibilities; women don’t know what matters to people in their heart, or women are too weak to get things done for peoples hearts.

Lets have some examples to see if this horrible sexist idea of this post is wrong.

I vote Catherine the Great by the way. If I don’t vote statisticians say this is also a bias.

Im figured. It has been figured out.
A woman general will act more cruelly and mercilessly just to show she is capable of “making tough decisions”.
Woman can’t understand how men are hard, how one can still be subtle and contemplative when you’re hard. A woman in charge is basically always in a state of panic.

Because she is good only for allowing chaos to take place under her care. Kids are chaos.

The only time a woman would make a great political leader is if all the members of society that she was leading were her biological offspring, perhaps then she would be more thoughtful in decision heavily influenced by particular natural drives. Now if that isn’t the case, which it never is, then yes, we are fucked, basically. Given her nature, their emotional way of being always plays a part in their power. I would say modern times is a seriously worst demonstration of this yet. When you mix emotion with ethical culture, such as empathy with humanism it basically equates to removing all borders, which is what is happening now. They have no understanding that the world is predatory, literally none. They think by doing what they are doing it will create some great super nation expressed as unity of humanity, or some nonsense like that…

Yes but still the superabundant miracle outcome of our AEON is that we didn’t go up in smokeroos with the Hill. We can’t complain now about lack of masculinity when a dude with round balls sits in the oval making well hard decisions.

The problem is they have no balls, which isn’t exclusive to women. If someone is scared of a spider, they probably shouldn’t be leading a country. I say: require spiders in all voting booths and the problem should go away :wink:

Yeah, well i am complaining, and it wont be long until that turns into something more. We have a lot to fix, A LOT!. In all truth, democracy needs to be restricted back to men, and only men of particular ethnicity and class, or maybe, in the context of dealing with such modern damage, get rid of democracy completely. Women and power are the new thing, they are the underdog that everybody wants to rise up with great ideas of how to bring the world into peace, they are the great savior of humanity, putting war to end forever…when behind the scenes it’s fueled with envy, self-hatred and ultimately hatred of men. Just take a look at how women in politics speak, take Le Pen for example, ““Whatever happens, France will be led by a woman, either me or Mrs Merkel””, Hillary says pretty much the same thing. We know where their focus lies, and what their agendas are.

They are not men, they lack courage to deal with worldly threats, they bend under pressure easily. They do not have loyalty, they jump ship when the power shifts. When things get really bad as they are, women will start expecting men to pick up the pieces and take the hit, which is slowly happening in the attitude of the common woman,they can sense what’s coming, but now too much has been lost…it’s noticeable as they start moving away from feminist thinking…

Haha something like that. I remember the first time I put a spider in a girls desk-drawer. So juicy.

I think so too, they don’t have the willpower or chemicals to really push it, they just wanted the velvet of the Chair under their ass. But now it turns out its pretty stressy on that velvet they can’t resist the big lunchbreak and the Xanax.

Women on average have a worse understanding of things which a competent political leaders must have a good understanding of. Also, you typically want only the best of the best to be political leaders, and probably similar to the IQ curve, relative to men there are less women on the high end of the spectrum of traits which make a good political leader, even taking into account their already lower average competence.

And yes, exceptions exist, but not beyond a certain point. Let’s use an example in lifting because there’s a clear way to measure it and there’s numbers involved, which makes it easy to get a point across. The highest male squat in the same weight category is higher than the highest female squat. The male might be 500kg, the female 350kg, these aren’t exact numbers but you get the point. There are still many men who lift between 350 and 500. But there are no women who lift more than 350. No more exceptions beyond that point. Politics works in a similar manner. Therefore there is no benefit to allowing women in politics if your goal is to have a functional, optimized political system ruled by the best of the best, in the same way that if your goal is to lift something heavy, you look for the best man for the job, not a woman, and even if you find a woman who can do the job, a man could have done it more efficiently.

And that’s only one reason.

There are plenty more.

For one, that politics is an alternative to war and it only makes sense to do politics in the first place if war isn’t more profitable, and since women don’t affect the outcome of war, unless you want war it makes no sense to let them influence politics, because that just makes war more profitable for men.

Another is that women have another important job that men can’t do, which is to give birth to babies, and women who become political leaders have extremely low fertility rates for obvious reasons - politics takes a large chunk of your time, especially if you’re in top positions, like Merkel.

Whatever angle you’re looking from, it makes no sense if things like functionality and long-term survival of the society mean anything to you.

I really like your arguments about war.

Also the idea of Merkel as a mum is so sad and creepy. Only failed women go into politics. For them it’s like oh Im too hideous to get pregger so lemme try be a man. Then they try to imitate all the meanest things men gave done to them. Pretty gross. I don’t feel this is a nice thought to have. Unfortunately it seems sort of true.

so this is the new mayor of the capital of the Netherlands, from the Green Party of course, Im sure the whores will take their crack elsewhere.

I don’t know who the hell told them they could leave the kitchen in the first place but they need to get back in there and start making sandwiches.

When women were bringing pichers of water to soldiers, we were winning wars.

Shit was going down and the next thing you know we got an industrial revolution and are curing diseases and shit. Paving roads, building dams, inventing smartphones and all that.

Next thing you know, they’re out of the kitchen, into the voting booths, and joining the army and look at the world now. Total shit.

Well no, every time a woman climbs on top of a government the world goes into hell and a few million people die and the economy tanks and murder rates triple and then some guys kinda step up and make sure it doesn’t go all down the crapper. Same in schools. Women principles abolish logic and replace it with empathy training in groups, they have already decided that studying facts is fascistic here which is a bit weird.


My opinion is, most human beings are bad political leaders, men and women both.