Are you satisfied with the ILP moderation?

Are you satisfied with the ILP moderation?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • I don’t know.
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Are you satisfied with the ILP moderation?

I would like to give ILP moderation 60-70 numbers out of the 100. As it is more than half, thus i voted for yes.

with love,

So I think you can accept the follwing distribution of the given three answers:

“No”: 0 to 49 (out of 100).
“Yes”: 50 to 100 (out of 100).
“I don’t know”: Other numbers or cases.

Would you consider becoming an ILP moderator Arminus?

…I think you too Sanjay is good moderator material :wink:

MagsJ is here regularly. Extra points for her. :smiley:

Yeah, the only one. It seems that if you don’t want someone around, make them a moderator. The more all-powerful a god becomes, the less you hear from him. :confused:

You want me to become a moderator of ILP? … :-k

Sure I guess. Mags probably the most active and fav mod, probably because most active.

I love all the ILP moderators here with the deepest admiration and sincerity.

These upstanding individuals are both ladies and gentlemen of a scholarly variety.

I think somebody should purchase them all a fruit basket or a Mcdonalds happy meal.

Spare no expense in rewarding ILP greatness.

I am well aware of both sides of myself, good and bad.

I know that i have right mindset and understanding for a mod, but there are two very serious shortcomings with me too.

Due to my circumstances, i have to skip ILP for days quite often. That is certainly not a good quality for a moderator. It needs daily attendance. Secondly, as the English is my second language, i sometimes misunderstand or unable to understand when it comes to spoken English or slang, which is almost a norm with US English.

with love,

Hey, Laughing Man! Welcome back again! :smiley:

If you believe that, you must be wrong. :wink:

Greetings again.

Let’s have an interim result for the question: “Are you satisfied with the ILP moderation?”

We have 50% for “yes”, 30% for “no”, and 20% for “I don’t know”.

Please vote!

Yes. I don’t see much wrong with the moderation around here aside from the fact that a few of the mods are some of my favorite posters and they’re hardly ever around anymore.

I’ve been warned many times and even banned for a few days, but I knew damn well that I was violating the rules in most of those cases.

Concerning the thread “Jesus came to Earth again! What?! Would we recognize Him?” (forum: Philosophy; subforum: Religion and Spirituality; Moderator: Dan~). This thread is just one of many examples, because many other threads are also concerned.

This forum is called “I Love Philosophy” and this thread I chose as an example is called “Jesus came to Earth again! What?! Would we recognize Him?”. So those people who want to talk about soemthing else can do it e.g. in other threads of other forums; but if they do it in that thread, then they derail that thread.

For example: 50% of the first page of that said thread (|=>) is nothing else than deraling text. … Dan~, where are you?

Here are two examples of threads where people can post if they want to derail threads or keep them off-topic:

I don’t necessarily disagree with your critique, but I think it’s worth pointing out that there isn’t a single open report on the entire first page of the Religion section. It could be that Dan is assuming that if people aren’t reporting, things must be the way the members want them. … tatistics/

That’s the retail experience but it’s applicable to this forum. Most people won’t complain(report). They will simply be dissatisfied and eventually leave. Moderation has to be proactive rather than reactive, otherwise the forum slowly deteriorates.

Emmm… ???

An “open report” merely means that the issue has not been addressed (usually by issuing a warning or threat of a warning - moderator mindlessness issues). The last formal warning that I got didn’t even mention what it was for (“just hadn’t warned you for awhile, so…”) and from the religion forum (I even had to ask what forum it was involved).

That’s the truth of it.

I don’t necessarily disagree with that either, and we all run our individual sections of the forums differently. Just saying, if people were called out for taking things off topic or posting nonsense or whatever, maybe things would change a bit.