Are you satisfied with the ILP moderation?

Thank you very much Carleas, you are the first person to share this view with me and understand this view. Indeed, it is humanity as a whole (I include myself as part of humanity). Often we as individuals think we are not subject to the absurdities of humanity (we think we have a different narrative). So I am not targeting ILP (singling out), I am targeting (singling out) humanity. This is what distinguishes us from animals.

So, naturally we will never be satisfied with ILP moderation (until we change our own narrative).

One example of the problem with the ILP rules and iis moderation is the permaban of Lys (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=188302). ILP has double standards. There are so many other ILP members that should have been banned but not Lys and some others who have been banned. I am again disappointed by ILP.

Yes, but another fact is that many users do not know anything about that poll (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=187220).

Carleas, do you really know what Lys “knew” at that moment and what “her intent was”?

I explicitly warned her in PM about the sanction for her behaviour, and she repeated it egregiously.

Moderators have to respond to those who have reported posts! Why do they sometimes not respond to them, although the reasons for the reported posts are obvious and absolutely justified?

Hmmmmm, let me think about this.

ILP bans a few people merely for the (dangerous) ideas they present and talk about, which seems very anti philosophical, but then the staff allow other (cool kid club) posters to post death threats, veiled death threats, countless ad homs, derails, and all other kinds of nonsense. Seems like you need to be “cool” and then the rules don’t apply to you.

Just don’t be too philosophical.

The conclusion is obvious.


Why does it take forever for a comment to be approved? and if a comment isn’t approved, how is one to know why it wasn’t approved?

If it were just merely a matter of coolness, then you would be right. But the title of this thread is: “Are you satisfied with the ILP moderation?”

I do not need ILP. That is cool (just to use your word). If ILP is only anti-philosophical and its staff only allows any poster “to post death threats, veiled death threats, countless ad homs, derails, and all other kinds of nonsense” (your words), then coolness is not the best advice when it comes to react to ILP and its staff. The best advice could be that in the long run you should stop posting on ILP! That would be cool. Do not allow ILP to become your drug!

This is false.

Because it’s an unfortunately manual process and sometimes the queue doesn’t get cleared.

Posts are rarely disapproved unless they’re blatantly spammy (e.g. the link to “wow gold” or whatever). Other situations are when a post would immediately earn a warning to the poster. In either case, we usually don’t notify posters that their posts are disapproved; spammy post posters are immediately deleted, and people who would earn a warning within their first five posts aren’t encouraged to come back (though they aren’t prevented from coming back either).

It’s true when one poster proved that he/she was banned only for quoting another banned user, while the idea being quoted demonstrated no bannable offenses.

It essentially proved that ILP bans ideas specifically.

Thanks for the clarification.

The ideas she was posting are still all over ILP. Those ideas aren’t gone, and they aren’t banned. They’re apparent in every forum, and in almost every thread, advanced by the many users here who accept and advocate the ideas that user was posting.

Which proves that ILP does not ban specific ideas (or, strictly: which refutes what appears to be your only evidence for the contention otherwise).

Yeah but that could be only because I’m not as convincing, eloquent, or intellectually developed as Satyr and Lyssa so I’m not as threatening.

[size=114]This webforum lacks philosophy, although and because its name is “I Love Philosophy”.[/size]



So what does an ILP moderator do, if you are philosophical?

And what is the conclusion?

Yes, or: Just stop posting on ILP.

That could be. But I don’t sell yourself short, nor them long.

Futhermore, Lyssa and Satyr’s posts they made prior to being banned are still available here (albeit Satyr’s appear under the username “Lollipop King”). If the hypothesis that we ban ideas is correct, wouldn’t we have removed all of the posts containing ideas?

The problem here is in defining philosophy. Personally, I don’t find existentialism to be very philosophical. I don’t find most religion to be particularly philosophical. Many would consider both subjects squarely in the philosophical purview. On the other hand, I think physics and math have quite a lot to do with philosophy. I think rhetoric and policy and economics are philosophical endeavors. Many would disagree.

We try to accept all comers. That means essentially everyone will see something on here to which they’ll think, “that’s not philosophy”.

C’mon…what happened to one of ilp’s longest, most popular threads of all time??

Mr. Reasonable’s “What are you doing?”?

You know…

But good point, yes, mr reasonable’s thread is the best, most popular, and most representative of the entire forum.

Good job, pat yourself on the back for that one.

mr reasonable, greatest ilp philosopher

I do know, and I know what happened to it: it was locked to discourage the continued participation of its author, who was banned. But still it sits, hosted on our servers, discoverable through Google. The permitted ideas of a banned user.