As Above ... So Below

The reader may be wondering what the title of this OP has to do with Society, Government and Economics.

It’s simply a question of “spin” … let me try my skills as a “spin doctor”

In this particular spin the word “above” symbolizes the 1% and the word “below” symbolizes all people below the 1% in the social hierarchy of humanity.

The behaviour of the individuals in the 1% class is pretty much the same as the behaviour in the lowest class of society … it’s simply a question of scale.

Reminds me of the NT story of the woman charged with adultery … Jesus said … let the first man who has never sinned throw the first stone.

Skeptics may respond … if we don’t throw stones at them it will only become worse for us.

Perhaps … yet … at the appointed time the behaviour of all humans … in all social classes will change.

I don’t believe this. The lower classes are brainwashed from the cradle with self-limiting beliefs, from religion, to virtues of hard-working ethics, to morality or humility, etc. Most people cannot get to the top because deep down they sincerely believe that they can’t.

There is that but, laziness is more the culprit.

this is a twisted interpretation

as above so below means as in the heaven so on earth… marco and micro are alike

the evil that is “power” always matches the level of ignorance and this holds true in the entire universe, in every dimension of existence.

Bad fortune more so than laziness, there is an inherent sense it is all rigged, perhaps by men, perhaps by AI, perhaps by the universe itself.

I have to disagree, you speak of human ideas or beliefs. Nature is the likeliest reason.

In terms of human interactions, which are far removed, could be human, AI, or spiritual meddling at play.

Socially speaking, it involves controlling the Media, Medicine, and Money. If they choose feminism as The Ideal, feminism is spread throughout.

“How long will you people limp along on two opinions?” Elijah

So many people are up and down like a toilet seat in a whore house on a Saturday night.

Choose a horse and ride like hell!!

Man … or … Nature